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We all felt anxiety sometimes, but some of us have longer periods of anxiety and fearful anticipations. Those feelings can sometimes be combined with panic attacks, which are acute sensation of great fear followed by difficulties in breathing, rapid heartbeats and frightening thoughts. Reasons for these conditions can remain unknown for the sufferer.

Fortunately, homeopathy found solutions for these problems and here we will talk about some homeopathic remedies that might help, but you should be aware that the effectiveness of these remedies has not yet been scientifically proved. Also, some substances in these remedies can initiate allergies, so, it is best to talk to your health adviser before you start with any treatment.


Aconitum napellus can relive symptoms of panic attack.

Argentum nitricum is used for reducing anxiety before some upcoming stressful event such as exam or public speech. Other symptoms such as lightheadedness and looseness of the bowels can occur.

Arsenicum album is very beneficial for those individuals who are obsessed with cleanness and who are also controlling. They can also experience panic attacks, especially during the night.

Calcarea carbonica can help those individuals who are very reliable, but developed uncontrollable fear from some illness. They are very anxious and when under pressure, they can become agitated.

Gelsemium is used for those who suffer from tremor, lack of strength and those who are paralyzed by fear, but it is also good for those who have negative anticipation before some meaningful event like speaking in front of auditorium.

Ignatia amara is for those individuals who had some emotional distress and suffer from anxiety, but heavy breathing and changes of mood can also be treated with this remedy.

Kali phosphoricum is used for those who feel extremely tired from work or some malady and are anxious. These individuals are tensed up and hypersensitive. Some stressful event can even make the condition worse.

Lycopodium is helpful for those who suffer from low self-esteem and anxiety caused by distress. These individuals can develop certain fear from people who they see as powerful, though they also have fear that they will not do well when something is expected from them.

Natrum muriaticum is another remedy for anxiety, but for those who are isolated and feel uncomfortable in the presence of others, as well as for those who feel lonely. They have fear that they will say or do something wrong when with other people.

Phosphorus is good for individuals who have acute fears and are easily exited.

Pulsatilla is a remedy for feeling insecure. Insecure people usually need other people to comfort them.

Silicea is suggested for people who have lack of self-assurance, despite the fact that they are very capable.

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