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Homeopathic remedy for runny nose

Fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, or stress can be causes for colds because that is when body resistance is low. Symptoms are: sneezing, watery eyes, a stuffy or runny nose, achiness or lethargy, moderate fever, and often sore throat or coughing.

In resolving these problems homeopathic remedies can be great. They are natural ways to get rid of these symptoms, without resorting to things such as drugs and steroids, which can sometimes have symptoms that can outweigh the benefits of the cure itself.

If your cold came suddenly and the symptoms were fever, restlessness and flushed face Belladonna is the remedy for you. Some other symptoms are a hard or irritating cough, bright red sore throat and severe pain in the head or ears.

Arsenicum album:

When somebody has a low resilience to colds and often has sore throats, and chest problems, his remedy could turn out quite helpful. May have some side effects: the nose often feels stopped up; white, think, burning mucus may be produced and the person may sneeze repeatedly, without relief.

Aconite napellus:

When your cold only yet begins this remedy is used, if the symptoms appear suddenly. If you are freqently exposed to cold and wind, it can only help the illness spread faster. Symptoms: a dry stuffy nose with a hot thin discharge , a scratchy throat, tension in the chest, and choking cough.

If a person has a cold from getting wet he or she should use Dulcamara. It can also be use during the change of the weather. A person who needs Dulcamara also tends to have allergies.

Ferrum phosphoricum:

Helps with more advanced colds when the person feels exhausted, with a small fever, rosy cheeks, a short hard cough, and sneezing.


A remedy for people whose colds easily attack their lungs. Usual symptoms are: one runny one blocked nostril, laryngitis and hoarseness. The person often is thirsty for cold drinks and feels better from massage. People who need this remedy often feel feeble and uneasy or afraid when ill.


When thick, bland, yellow or greenish mucus is produced. Indoors make the person feel uneasy and the nose feels swollen in open air. A person feels better when going outside. Evening make blocking and fever worse. A person feels the need for attention and comforting when ill, and children may be tearful.

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