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Impotence is a medical condition in which a man can’t hold the erection long enough to have a normal sexual intercourse. The risk factors include physical fitness, weight, drugs and alcohol abuse, and emotional factors.

If impotence is a chronic condition you should consult a doctor, who will check for possible neurological, hormonal and physical issues that might lead to the illness.

Homeopathic Solutions for Sexual Problems

Homeopathy is well known to treat transient low libido, impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. Make sure you consult the qualified homeopathic practitioner, in order to get the best possible help.

Homeopathic testosterone (HT) is a testosterone in very small dose. Sometimes, products containing HT could contain other libido boosters (maca, tribukus terrestris and yohimbe).

Baryta carb is used to treat low libido and premature ejaculation, and also numb penis, premature aging and loss of memory. These men often have small penises and retracted testicles.

Causticum is the remedy for libido and prostate problems. These patients usually have the obsessive compulsive disorder and loss of memory.

Phosphoricum acidum is used in cases when men quickly lose erection, experience premature ejaculation and hypersensitivity of the penis.

Agnus castus, argentum nitricum, selenium metallicum and lycopodium are also used to treat sexual problems.

Agnus castus – is proven helpful to men that led a sexually active life and whom aging have caused impotence. Men who require this remedy often feel the cold of the genitals, and usually worry about the loss of their health and sexual ability.

Argentum nitricum – is used in cases when the erection fails at the attempt of the sexual intercourse. These patients experienced worsening of the symptoms when thinking about the problem, and often crave for salt and sweets.

Caladium patients experience difficulties with erection, even if the libido is just fine. Often, people that need this remedy crave for tobacco.

Lycopodium – is used in men whose erectile problems come from worrying too much. Indigestion, gases and bloating are often affecting these patients and they frequently lack self-confidence.

Selenicum metallicum – is used when men experience impotence after some illness or fever. These people feel weak and tired but the libido is still quite strong. Selenium patients may sometimes be recognized to have lost their eyebrows or body hair.

Staphysagria is the right remedy to treat shy and gentle men which have sexual problems. Impotence in these patients is sometimes caused by their shyness or embarrassment somewhere in the past.

Always use the homeopathic remedy as it was recommended by the practitioner. If there is no improvement of your condition for some time, consult the homeopath to prescribe some other remedy.

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