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Gas and bloating are the normal conditions, but they may be embarrassing in certain situations and that is why people sometimes need the solution for these conditions. They are usually caused by air swallowed during eating or drinking but they can also be caused by the breakdown of certain types of undigested food.

Gas can also be the product of digested food that is abundant in fiber like grains, vegetables, fruits and beans. Dairy products can also be the cause of excessive gas. Gas usually consists of odorless vapors such as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, methane and carbon diozide while the foul smell comes from sulphur that gets released from certain types of bacteria. Symptoms of gas include passing gas, abdominal bloating, burping and belching. Passing too much gas can be avoided very easily by having a normal and well balanced diet.

One should always opt for dry beans instead of canned ones and if the canned ones are still the primary option, they should be rinsed thoroughly before cooking. Tofu and soy should be the primary sources of proteins. Drinking plenty of liquids is highly recommended. Sweetened foods and carbonated drinks should be avoided. A person should always eat slowly.

Tips to Cure Gas and Gas Pain

A person should drink plenty of liquids on a daily basis, especially water and teas. Simethicone can be taken in order to help reduce gas. If one needs to release gas she or he should always do so. Smoking should be avoided as much as possible. Home remedies for gas include lemon verbena, ginger, lime juice, parsley, passion fruit, peach leaves, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, coriander seeds, honey and carbonated water.

Gas and indigestion can also be caused by food allergies, imbalanced stomach acids, emotional tension, poor eating habits and numerous other conditions. Homeopathy can provide the patient with numerous different remedies that can be used in order to treat gas and gas pain very efficiently. One should always seek immediate medical attention if the discomfort becomes persistent and chronic.

One of the most common homeopathic remedies is arsenicum album. Bryonia can also be used for those who have a heavy feeling in the stomach which only gets worse when irritated by any movements.

Carbo vegetabilis can provide a person with some relief as well. Colocynthis, lycopodium and natrum carbonicum are indicated for numerous gastrointestinal conditions and disorders and can be very beneficial in relieving the symptoms of gas and gas pain. Other helpful remedies include natrum phosphoricum, nux vomica, phosphorus and pulsatilla.

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