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Anemia – weak and pale trouble

The condition which is characterized by a reduction in red blood cells, potentially accompanied by lowered level of haemoglobin in the blood, is called anemia or anaemia. Oxygen is carried by red blood cells by way of haemoglobin, and the decreased amount of it in the bloodstream results in reduced levels of oxygen in tissues of the body.

This condition can be provoked by the loss of blood, for example. Since this is not a harmless condition, seeking help is advised. Homeopathy, for example, can provide invaluable aid.

Iron deficiency is the principal culprit behind the anemia. However, it is not the sole factor to blame, and in order to establish the true malefactor, blood tests need to be carried out.

The most typical symptoms of iron deficiency

The patients suffering from anemia and/or iron deficiency experience certain symptoms. For example, a person may feel exhausted and light-headed. Apart from that, they may experience a subjective lack of vitality, shortness of breath. Also, pallor of gums and pallor of skin, especially around the eyes, is among the most frequently encountered signs of anemia.

Home solutions

There are some rather easy steps that you may apply on your path to reducing or curing anemia and iron deficiency. First of all, eat well. Your nourishment plan should include a variety of foods. Consume different grains, fruits and veggies, milk products, different types of meat, etc.

Consuming iron-rich food is an apparent step to be taken when fighting iron deficiency and anemia. The foods that are high in iron are liver, green vegetables, brown rice, lentils, prunes, etc. Here we also have bread and pasta prepared from whole grain.

Restrict your coffee intake to reasonable amounts, since caffeine reduces the uptake of iron. Also, prepare food in iron cooking utensils. It can be substantially beneficial.

Homeopathic solutions

Ferrum metallicum can be helpful if you are suffering from iron deficiency. If the patient experiences pallor and swollenness of limbs, they should remember this remedy. In cases of persistent iron deficiency, Ferrum phosphoricum is perhaps a more suitable option.

Pulsatilla is beneficial for conditions of anemia and iron deficiency, and the patient feels exhausted and weary. The path to recovering is accompanied by symptoms such as wooziness, lack of feeling of thirst. Also, try turning to Calcarea carbonica. It is related to cases where the patient experiences specific alterations to the skin color and reactions to foods. For instance, skin has a wax-like color to it; sometimes it is greenish and jaundiced.

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