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Obesity is the disease of modern age. People accumulate so much fat that it endangers their health and life. According to the body mass index (BMI) overweight people (pre-obese) have the BMI from 25 to 30kg/m2 and those over 30 BMI are considered obese.

Homeopathic Remedies for Obesity

Homeopathic treatment can help obese people to lose some weight, and improve their digestion and metabolism. Every homeopathic remedy must be individually prescribed, after a detail consultation with certified homeopathic practitioner.

Antimonium crudum

These people are extremely sensitive to criticism about their eating problem and usually react with irritation. They might suffer from diarrhea, gases and have coated tongue. The homeopaths recommend that this remedy should be used as 30x or 7c (the x and the c are strength or potential of homeopathic remedy) twice a day. Take one in the morning and another in the afternoon for maximum 5 days. Antimonium crudum can also be taken during the day, in situations when stress may provoke overeating.

Argentum nitricum

This remedy is a known cure for sweet cravings. The recommended dose is 30x or 7c, which should be taken two times a day for one week.

Calcarea carbonica

Calcarea is useful for patients which can’t manage their appetite. Sometimes, these people eat to calm down, or become hungry almost instantly after they finished the meal. These patients might have problems with digestion and often crave eggs and hot food. One dose of this remedy should be taken every day for one week and no more.

Calotropis gigantea

This is the remedy used to reduce the fat and build stronger muscles. It is proven useful for patients complaining about the heat in the stomach.


Capsicum is for lazy people, with reddish face and burning feeling in digestive tract.

Cinchona off.

This remedy is used in voracity patients, which can’t digest raw fruits or vegetables. People that are obese but weak are also treated with cinchona.

Coffea cruda

Coffea is the treatment for people that calm down by eating.


Perimenopausal women having weight problems are most commonly treated with this remedy. Patients suffer from constipation, skin issues and sensitivity to cold. The therapy with graphites usually takes 5 days, and the remedy should be used twice a day.


Ignatia is for people that tend to resolve nervousness with food. It is also recommended to be used for 5 days, two times a day.


This remedy takes care of your sweets cravings. Just one dose is said to have the desired effect.


Phytolaca berries are used to help weight loss.


Repressed anger is what drives these people to overeat. The treatment lasts 5 days, and the remedy should be taken in the morning and then again, in the afternoon.

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