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Ulcers are open sores in miscues membrane lining in the digestive tract. Ulcers are responsible for a lot of discomfort in many people who has them. Burning pain in ulcer sores in upper left or right abdominal area is worse on empty stomach and feeling of vomiting and nausea are also present. There are several types of ulcers; most common is duodenal or peptic ulcer (named after peptic enzyme that digests the proteins).

A good alternative to regular medicament, especially one with bad side effect can be homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicaments are harmful and non toxic. Unlike regular medical approach, it treats wide range of disorders and diseases; it takes a different approach on how to treat the patient, completely, both physically and mentally.

In case when normal or regular medicaments are not efficient, you can use various homeopathic remedies to help you with your problem. Choose the ones that are best for your type of problems. Usual principle is to start to use one remedy and see how it works, and than go for there. If you do not see improvement after some period of time, use different remedy. About dosage and frequency of use, best consult with your homeopath.

There are various homeopathic remedies, that you can to help you with your ulcer problems, among them;

PhosphorusThis homeopathic remedy is recommended in cases when ulcer produces you with strong, cutting or persistent burning pain. Sensation of pressure and heaviness are also present. Cold drink may usually bring relief from such pains, but sometimes can induce vomiting and nausea. Pain gets worse after eating worm food, and in the night.

Arsenicum albumGood remedy for ulcer cases with strong abdominal burning pain and aches, write after having a meal. Pain gets worse after drink of water (although person often feel thirst), and strong retching or nausea are among symptoms. Pains gets worse in the night, from cold weather, and have some symptoms of anxiety are present, as well.

Nux vomicaRecommended remedy for use on upset stomach after having a large meal, quantities of alcohol, or coffee and tobacco. Patients often feel burning pain in the stomach, dullness or pressure of abdominal area.

Argentum nitriciumThis remedy is recommended for cases of sensitiveness or bloating or in the abdominal region. Pain gets worse after having dinner or eating sweets, and better on the outside, in cold air.

Kali bichThis remedy is use for treatments of ulcer patients in cases when they feel fullness or heaviness in the stomach after having meal, and pain is concentrated in small area on the lower belly. Symptoms are worsening in the early morning, and cold, damp or hot weather. They may be also other symptoms like acid reflux.

HydrastisRecommended homeopathic remedy for cases of abdominal pain and gastritis. One of the other physical symptoms nay be ulcers in the mouth, and liver problems. Other symptoms may be loose of memory, physical weakness etc. Patient’s symptoms are getting worse from eating certain type of vegetables or bread.

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