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Broken bones are very difficult to mend; they produce lots of pain and discomfort, and also limit severely your movements. Another problematic bone related disorder is osteoporosis: it is bone density loss, and it can have many causes, like aging, side effects of certain medicaments or wrong diet. In both of those cases, homeopathy can help efficiently.

Homeopathy is excellent and natural alternative to classic medical approach. It treats the whole body instead just the symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are safe and have no side effects. About instructions of use and dosage, and especially about the best choice of homeopathic remedy for your bone injury, it would be best to consult your doctor or homeopathic expert.

Usual principle in case of homeopathy is to try one remedy first, see how it works, and after that keep using that same remedy or try another one. Sometimes combination of several homeopathic remedies can be used. This is the short list with descriptions about homeopathic remedies you can use in order to relieve your bone related problems.

Silicea or Silica

People with bone injuries that take a long time to heal are in position to use this homeopathic remedy. Also the risk of infection is elevated with this type of injuries.

Calcarea carbonica

Recommended homeopathic remedy for people with bone injuries, which are easily tired and feel anxious from stress or work. This people can also feel back pain and swollen joints.


This is a good choice of homeopathic remedy in cases of osteoporosis. Symphytum can help in strengthening of the bones, help the old fractures and other bone injuries and prevent the future injuries.


This homeopathic remedy is recommended in cases when patients does not have very strong bones, as consequence of osteoporosis, and they tend to heal more slowly that usual, and to have various spine problems as well.

Calcarea phosphorica

Indications for usage of this particular homeopathic remedy are weakness, soreness and stiffness in the joint and the bones. This remedy is also excellent for use in cases of calcium deposits build up.


Good remedy for pain management and reduce of swelling in cases of new bone injury. It should be taken as soon as possible after the injury occurs, and besides pain relief, it can also calm the injured person down, because bone injuries are traumatic mentally too, not just physically.


This remedy is recommended in cases when injuries are in the area of the body which has many nerves, like injured or smashed toes or fingertips. It is a great for pain relief.

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