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Diarrhea occurs body needs to get rid of unwanted substances from digestive tract. Diarrhea is response to body’s cleansing. It can be caused by toxins, allergens, viral and bacterial infections and contaminated foods. Also, diarrhea can be caused by emotional stress or if person has nervousness. Some babies can get diarrhea while their teeth are growing.

Home remedies for diarrhea are chamomile, ipecacuanha, colocynthis, arsenicum album, phosphorus, sulphur, gelsemium, argentum nitricum, pulsatilla, bryonia and podophyllum.Chamomile is remedy that is used for watery, hot, green diarrhea. Person with this diarrhea has pain in abdomen and abdominal gas.

Ipecacuanha is good for frothy or green diarrhea that comes together with constant or extreme nausea. Person with this diarrhea has cutting pain around the navel.

Colocynthis is good remedy for diarrhea that comes after cutting abdominal pain. This remedy is used for diarrhea which is caused by anger.

Arsenicum album is used for diarrhea that comes together with exhaustion, restlessness and anxiety. Person feels burning pain in the digestive tract. This remedy is also good for diarrhea which is caused by tainted food.

Phosphorus is used for diarrhea that runs constantly. Person with this diarrhea feels empty and weak in the stomach.

Sulphur is used for hot diarrhea that runs early in the morning. Person who has this diarrhea has to run to the bathroom and feels burning in digestive tract. Person also can have irritated, red and itchy anus and burn and itchy haemorrhoids.

Gelsemium is good for diarrhea that goes with trembling and weakness. This diarrhea is caused by fear, emotional stress and nervousness. This remedy also can treat fever, headache, droopy lethargy, chills and flu with diarrhea.

Argentum nitricum is used for diarrhea which is caused by stressful situations, for example, attending a party, taking a test, public speech. This diarrhea can have green colour. This remedy is also good for diarrhea that occurs if you ate too much sugar.

Pulsatilla is used for diarrhea that occurs if you ate rich and fatty foods. Look of diarrhea often changes. Person who has this diarrhea can feel abdominal pain.

Bryonia can help you if you have diarrhea together with flu. This remedy also helps to person with diarrhea caused by overheating and drinking a lot of cold water.

Podophyllum is used for watery, gushed and profuse diarrhea together with pain. First you feel gurgles and rumble in your stomach and then comes diarrhea.

Homeopathic physicians suggest to you to first take one dose of these remedies. You need to wait to certain remedy has effect. If you feel improvement then you can take second dose of that remedy. Dosage of certain remedy depends on your condition and depends on person’s response to remedies.In some cases it is necessary to take remedy several times daily. Other cases can require only once a day of remedy.

If certain remedy has no effect to your condition you need to switch it to other remedy.

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