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Separation Anxiety Disorder – Remedying and Treatment Techniques

Psychotherapy is considered to be one of the first stops to successfully treating the above mentioned disorder. Particular kinds of psychotherapy are most frequently recommended where there is the need to alleviate the anxiety resulting from separation, but in most cases, the chosen method depends on the individual case in question and is directed accordingly.


Play therapy is the method most frequently employed when the primary concern are children of younger age. This form of psychotherapy for separation anxiety in children is extremely beneficial in boosting child’s self-esteem, confidence, image of the self and it also teaches him/her how to ward off the present anxiety in a most successful manner. Family therapy is the one to turn to when there is a growing need for aiding your family to cope, in the best possible manner, with the manifestations of a particular disorder that a child is suffering from. It is also effective in dealing with just about any family related problem that can be a potential culprit and enhance the overall manifestations of the disorder your child is suffering from. Insight therapy is an extremely helpful method that enables your child to pinpoint and cope with the issues and causes lying at the core of the anxiety disorder in a more satisfying and positive manner (e.g. coping with a loss or fear of change). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is considered to be the most effective treatment method when there is a need for your child to pinpoint those thoughts that are most likely causing and initiating the occurrence of emotions related to anxiety. This type of psychotherapy is used to facilitate all the unrealistic thoughts and aid a child in getting an insight into that and spontaneously bringing changes to his/her behavior.

Homeopathy and Natural Remedies to ward off Separation Anxiety Disorder

Remedies based on herbs and treatment techniques homeopathic in nature are considered to be among the most safest and non-addictive treatment choices. On top of that, they cause no side effects what so ever. Furthermore, when strengthened with an approach holistic in nature, they are extremely beneficial in enabling your child to find his/her peace of mind in an non-aggressive and threatening way, which is extremely important for the child’s rapid recovery. Among those herbal and homeopathic remedies and medicines, which are most recommended for their effectiveness are such as Hypericum perforatum (also known as St. John’s Wort), then Scutterlaria laterifolia (also commonly known as Scullcap), Passiflora incarnata and numerous cautiously devised homeopathic remedies.

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