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Every homeopathic cure has its benefits for psychical and psychological conditions, and here we will talk about those remedies that are used to relieve feelings of intense sorrow, concern, anxiousness and lost hope. Homeopathic remedies should be used depending on what caused somebody’s negative emotions, which means that the treatment should be adjusted to the personality and the history of every individual. Here are some remedies that can help in these conditions.

List of remedies

Ammonium Muriaticum is efficient in distress, sadness and crying that is caused by worries, but it is also good if you get easily irritated or if you just can’t communicate with others.Apis mellifica is beneficial for intense sorrow, anger and inhibited feelings, but conditions in which constant crying is present, signs of depression and the need to be with somebody all the time can be cured with this remedy also.Aurum Metallicum can be helpful if you are feeling unworthy or if you think that there is nothing to hope for. It is also efficient if you feel that life has no sense and if you have thoughts about committing a suicide.Causticum is a remedy that is good for inhibited emotions that can result in disturbing thoughts and sadness, but it also cures problems related to hypochondria and other problems regarding sorrow and anxiety.Gelsemium Sempervirens is used by those who don’t have the desire to speak to anyone, who get easily angry and are confused, and those incapable to focus on something.Ignatia amara is considered to be the most successful remedy for grief. Like every other remedy, this remedy can’t change the personality, but it can help in feeling better after experiencing trauma or loss. It won’t help you to forget about what happened, but it can slowly put hope back in your hands. You can use this remedy whenever you feel the need for it, because it has no unwanted effects. Ignatia will help you feel alive and appreciate every moment of your life, but it should also be used if a person is highly sensitive, if breathes heavily, or suffers from mood swings, and setting high standards.Natrum Muriaticum is used by those whose grief is open and still not solved. Person can be depressive, frightened or angry, while sometimes a person can be incapable or crying, even if sadness is present.Phosphoric acid is a homeopathic remedy beneficial for those who are worn-out by intensive emotion of sorrow. Individuals who show lack of interest for everything that surrounds them, even for those things they used to enjoy in should use this remedy.

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