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There are safe and inexpensive homeopathic ways to treat a person’s bereavement and grief.

Every such remedy is specific and the effects of such therapies on the mind and body have been well documented.

Such remedies can help the physical and emotional effects of feelings of grief, despair, hopelessness, worries and despondency.

The most effective treatment is to find natural medicine that perfectly fits the kind of grief a person is experiencing.


Ammonium Muriaticum is used for people who are full of grief but do not cry. People who do not want to talk to anyone, are very irritable and angry are recommended to use this treatment.

Apis mellifica is for people who experience rage, mental shock and suppressed emotions along with their grief. Their brains often feel paralyzed and they cannot concentrate on anything for a longer period of time. People who should use this therapy cannot stop crying and are afraid to be left alone. They also are very afraid of death and feel as if they will die soon.

Aurum Metallicum is for people who feel that they are worthless and hopeless. They are usually completely disgusted by the thought or life and living and they often think a lot about suicide. They are also very contradictory and have a very morbid view of society in general. This state also includes great levels of depression, being very sensitive to noise, light, movement and being confused a lot of the time.

Causticum is for people who suppress their emotions while grieving. They also tend to cry a lot and have a severe case of hypochondria. Many times other conditions include sadness, apprehension, and mental anguish. These people also fear that they have heart problems and have a lot of anxiety inside themselves. They are often easily discouraged as well and do not feel like working or doing anything constructive most of the time.

Gelsemium Sempervirens is used by people who are extremely irritably and do not wish to have anyone speak to them at all. They are often very sensitive and want to be alone all the time. Many such people cannot think and have a very difficult time concentrating. They are also confused a lot of the time and cry in abundance.

Ignatia Amara is sued when a person grieves without talking about their problems with anyone. They are very aggressive and like to star arguments about jus about anything, even the most unimportant and trivial things in life. Often times they just want to be left alone to cry.

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