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Almost all persons have experienced a certain anxiety whenthey get on an airplane. It is actually a normal reaction of every individualwhen placing their life in the hands of other individuals and traveling miles andmiles above solid ground. Extreme cases of this type of anxiety are calledaviophobia and the condition involves the irrational anxiety.

Those who suffer fromaviophobia quite often miss the opportunity to visit friends or family who liveat distant locations. Those who suffer from fear of flying can get accustomed toairplanes by watching a DVD that shows the process of flying in detail. Thevideo usually covers everything from entering the plane, the interior details,the taking off of the plane, the actual flight and the landing.

Some peoplehave found it very beneficial and they felt better about flying after seeingone of those videos. There are also online courses for those who suffer from afear of flying and they provide an individual with adequate techniques andtools that can be used to overcome the anxieties. Online courses are not thatcheap but some people have found them to be very helpful.

For those who did notsolve their problem with some of the aforementioned solutions, there is alwaysan option of attending flight simulator courses. The simulator mimics numerousdifferent scenarios that may take place on a real airplane. The patient has touse different techniques in order to reduce the anxiety and manage the stress.

Herbal and Other Remedies

There is a large number of herbs that can be used to relievethe symptoms of anxiety associated with the fear of flying on an airplane. Themost common herbs are skullcap and St. John’s wort.

These herbal remedies are used for theirrelaxing properties as they are very efficient in setting the mind at ease andcalming the nerves. A person can also use some homeopathic techniques which canalso be very beneficial in relieving the fear of flying.

The techniques usuallyinclude deep breathing and sometimes hypnosis. Some individuals only trust the traditional medicine which involves prescribedmedications and therapies. These usually require the person to takebenzodiazepines because they are very efficient in relaxing a person, but thatis only a temporary solution to the problem. Sometimes a patient needs helpfrom a therapist. Other medications that can be helpful include gelsemium, rescueremedy, aconite and argentum nitricum.

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