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Too much perspiration is a common disorder. No matter how unpleasant it may be for the surrounding people, it causes even more trouble to those who are affected by it. It affects their social life, their self-respect and even their career. Not many of them are aware that the excessive perspiration is a physical disorder known as hypoerhidrosis and that there are some certain means to put an end to this and stop the sweating.


The actual cause of the disorder is mostly individual, as well as the borders where we claim how much perspiration is actually excessive and should be treated. In some cases it is connected with stressful situations, in other patients it occurs only during the night and affects the quality of their night rest.

Many others experience the excessive sweating only when they are out in the sun or in contact with heat. When perspiration traverses the normal limits so that it affects suffering in the individuals, it may be identified as a physical disorder. Hyperhidrosis is not dangerous at all but it causes embarrassment to the suffering individuals, from avoiding physical contact to restraining from romantic relationships.


Here, are some suggestions for a complete drugs-free method that can help control the excessive sweating - homeopathic treatments.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine dating from the 18th century. It uses highly diluted preparations on patients to cause effects alike the symptoms presented. Homeopathic professionals will consider both the physical and psychological state of the individual before deciding upon a remedy. Those remedies are, with the extremely rare exceptions, completely natural and safe. Though homeopathy’s efficiency is controversial, some patients claim it is helpful and brings complete healing, while the others, including many conventional professionals, say that it reduces the efficiency on the placebo effects. Homeopathic treatments for the excessive sweating are:Silicea - commonly used for sweaty feet.Acidum hydrofluoricum - for those whose sweat has a sour smell and who suffer from excessive perspiration of their heads.Calcarea - used as a treatment in overweight patients with sweating problems.Botulinum - treatment for underarm sweating that involves the use of tiny injections under the skin in this area.Please remember, this is not medical advice. People should consult their doctors before taking any of the listed treatments. It is important to go to a qualified homeopathic professional. Do not be confused if different treatments are prescribed by different doctors - the principle of homeopathy is that everyone is different, which the methods also reflect.

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