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In sleep, the brain and body rest and restore energy. During the sleep at night, there are many functions that take place and are vital for a healthy life. But the amount of sleep depends of individual. Infants need 20 hours, children up to 15 and average sleep for adults estimates at six to eight hours. But yet, some people need more sleep then the others. With adults, chronic stress can compromise physically and mentally, due to insufficient sleep. There are homeopathic remedies that are useful, in case of insomnia, and may also help adults who suffer from long term sleep disorders.

There are prescribed dosage depending of remedy so please read on all information:1. Aconitum Apellus:If fear and agitation are sudden and individual drifts off to sleep, or wakes up others, Aconitum Apellus can be helpful cause person panics with insomnia.

2. Calcarea Phosphorica:Often helps children during growing up, and adults with aching joints and bones, neck tension. The person gets no sleep during the night but has trouble waking in the morning tired and weak needs this remedy.

3. Arsenicum Album:The remedy often cures anxious and compulsive people with trouble sleeping out of anxious disorder. All exhausted, people with this disorder are restless physically and mentally, so sleep, if it comes to it, is anxious and disturbed, while fear and insecurity manifests in dreams.

4. Cocculus:Cocculus helps those who after long-term no sleeping can not sleep. Mothers or overworked, or those with jet lag or even chronic worry and insomnia.

5. Kali Phosphoricum:Nervous exhaustion can cause insomnia, with overwork people or with people with mental strain, the individual who need this remedy is weak and sensitive to noise, lights, pain etc. Also it follows irritability, depression, and anxiety.

6. Ignatia:If insomnia is caused by emotional upset (grief or loss, a disappointment in love, a shock, or even an argument) this remedy may be helpful. The person is sensitive and nervous, and may often sigh and yawn in the daytime, but find it hard to relax at night. As the person tries to fall asleep, the arms and legs may twitch or itch. If sleep arrives, it is usually light, with jerking or long and troubling nightmares.

7. Coffea cruda:There are thoughts that can prevent sleep, distressing or not. Mental excitement or nerve stimulation can stop person from sleeping. The sleep here is often very light, with vivid dreams, but disturbed with little motion. It helps with people who overdo with caffeine.

8. Lycopodium:The person has no sleep at bedtime but feels hunger in the night, which indicates Lycopodium. The remedy need those who have no memory of dreams and has no recollection of sleep. Insomnia here may set in because of lack of confidence and is caused by digestive gas problem.

9. Sulphur:People irritable with increasing feeling of heat in bed, especially in the feet and suffer insomnia need this remedy. The person who suffers this disorder is awake between two and five a.m and needs to exercise and take Sulphur.

10. Silicea:Nervous people with low stamina needs this remedy. This person feels surging in the head and hardly falls asleep again.

11. Nux Vomica:Insomnia after over-doing in food, and drink, overexertion, physically or mentally can benefit from Nux Vomica. The person drifts off in light sleep and often awakes in the early morning.

12. Zincum Metallicum:Insomnia caused by mental activity needs this remedy. Often overworked and naturally nervous, and have trouble relaxing need Zincum, and twisting and turning in bed is often for those.

Homeopathy Dosage

Select the remedy that copes with symptoms only in conditions where self-treatment is allowed by a physician.

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