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Problems with payingattention or staying focused on the task, easy distraction, restlessness and excessive talk may be the symptoms that point to the AttentionDeficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) suffering child. All these symptomsmay cause the problems in learning, socializing, self-control and even some healthissues.

The condition is caused by differences in parts of the brainconnected to attention, activity and impulse control.

In some cases, ADHD is undiagnosed until the adulthood, but themedical history of these patients show presence of symptoms since the childage.

ADHD symptoms include: excessive talk, intruding others, problemswith playing quietly or keeping attention while playing, shifting from task totask and leaving them uncompleted. Also, children with this condition are easilydistracted, even if they play, have problems with any group activities,don’t follow the directions, don’t listen and can’t remain seated. They could endangertheir health trying something and not considering the consequences orforgetting things needed for the activity.

Homeopathy for ADHD

Look up for the properly trained homeopathic consultant who willadvise you about the remedies and their doses, appropriate for ADHD patient. Thesehomeopathic preparations are suitable for both children and adults sufferingfrom this condition.

Barytra Carbonica

Really shy ADHD kids, always suffering from colds and coughsare treated with barytra carbonica.


Young bossy children with dyslexia, who don’t like to beleft alone, are best treated with lycopodium. These kids usually love sweets.


High potency medorrhinum is appropriate for hurried andrestless patients. They could be melancholic,mind-drifting, and those children resemble little dwarves. Most likely, they love ice and oranges.


This homeopathic remedy is for kids (or adults) sufferingfrom ADHD that are violent and have ticks and seizures. They sometimes fear ofthe dark, dogs or water.

Tarantula Hisp

Tarantula is recommended for cases of extreme restlessness,sometime with vertigo, and muscle contraction. It is useful for ADHDpatents that love lively music and bright colors.


When ADHD person has double personality and present maliciousbehavior homeopaths use tuberculinum. Patients often suffer from respiratoryproblems.

Veratrum Album

It is used in people with unending activities, which displayinappropriate hugs or touches. These patients tend to love lemon, salt and colddrinks, and their skin is pale colored, often bruised and cold to touch.

Natural remedies should be considered prior topharmaceutical medication, especially in ADHD in children. Common medicine usetranquilizers and amphetamines to treat ADHD, but those drugs affect the brainand may cause unwanted side effects.

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