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Mercury Poisoning – Symptoms

Mercury poisoning or hydrargyria is a medical condition caused by exposure to mercury. The toxicity is most likely to affect the kidneys, lungs and the brain, but it could also lead to different diseases, like Hunter-Russell syndrome, Minamata disease or acrodynia. Symptoms and severity of the condition depend on the dose and duration and the method of exposure to mercury. Usually, patients experience problems with the eyes, hearing and speech and most of them suffer from impaired coordination.

Old dental fillings with amalgam may cause toxic effects. They could lead to gum bleeding and gum disease, mouth abscesses and ulcers. Lot of patients experience sore throat and colitis, and in women, it may lead to miscarriages.

The symptoms of mercury poisoning may also include ataxia, excess sweating or salivation, swelling of the tongue, memory loss and thinking problems.

Homeopathic Remedies for Mercury Poisoning

Homeopathy is the medical practice known to heal many different conditions. It is especially popular in Germany, India, England, and France, where almost half of all doctors are homeopaths.

Homeopathy tends to cure the person and the cause of the condition, not just the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, a homeopathic practitioner will interview the patient, find out all the symptoms, other medical conditions, emotional status and lifestyle, in order to provide the best remedy for the particular patient.

Homeopathic practitioners usually recommend mercurius or hepar sulph. to treat mercury poisoning.

Hepar sulph. is useful in patients suffering from ataxia (a form of paralysis) and oversensitivity. Patients may be overly sensitive to the weather, pain, animals, food and different chemicals. People who experienced swelling and pain in the lymph nodes (glands) may also find hepar sulph. helpful for their condition. This homeopathic remedy is usually taken once a month, until the condition resolves.

Natrium muriaticum 6x (the number and x represent the potency, strength of the remedy) is often used to treat any kind of poisoning. 6x especially, is used to treat oversensitive patients. Those people react on chemicals, perfumes and cigarette smoke. For mercury poisoning, homeopaths recommend this remedy to be used every day, for couple of weeks. The healing process takes time, so it could be weeks or months before the condition gets cured.

Nitricum acidum cures the effects of mercury poisoning to the nervous system. This remedy is also prescribed for people who worry about death or about their health and those which suffer from panic attacks. Nitricum acidum is one of the basic remedies in homeopathic practice.

Sulphur is often prescribed to patients who suffer from mercury poisoning. These patients’ symptoms are associated with heat in some way. It could be excess sweating or sensitivity to the heat. This remedy is also proven efficient for vaccinated children. Vaccines are frequently laced with mercury and may cause toxic symptoms in children.

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