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Anxiety is a completely normal feeling which every single person feels from time to time. Just the same, it is a normal feeling for children. But, unlike a temporary, and usually harmless feeling of anxiety, anxiety disorder is a very serious condition, especially in children. Children suffering from anxiety are nervous, shy and afraid, and sooner or later they begin to avoid things, places and activities.

According to the statistics, this disorder affects one in eight children, and if left untreated, children with anxiety disorder are much more likely to perform badly in school, skip important social experiences and events and, what’s most alarming, they are much more likely to engage in substance abuse later. But, with the support of the parents and the child’s closest environment, this disorder can be very successfully treated, and the symptoms can be successfully managed.

The remedies which homeopathy has at disposal are used either to relieve the symptoms, or to eliminate them entirely, but it should be mentioned that the consultations with the professional homeopath are the best possible step which can be made at the beginning of the treatment. He or she will take into consideration all the personal characteristics as well as all the symptoms, before the right remedy or combination of remedies is suggested.

Here is the list of some of the most frequently used remedies in treating anxiety:

Aconitum napellus is a remedy which can be used in the state of immense anxiety, accompanied by shortness of breath and strong trembling. The reason for this state may be a very strong and sudden fear, in some cases it is the fear of death.

Argentum nitricum proved to be helpful in cases in which the feeling of anxiety is the result of some big event, such as the exam, important interview, or public appearance. The possible following symptoms are diarrhea and dizziness.

Gelsemium is used when a person is practically paralyzed by fear, and it is also helpful with those who find tests, important interviews, public appearances and even simple visits to dentists very stressful events. This remedy is also suggested with those who fear of falling, crowds, or even the possibility that their heart might stop.

Lycopodium is indicated with the individuals who feel anxiety from mental stress, and suffer from the lack of confidence. They can easily be intimidated by others, and they are often claustrophobic and irritated.

Pulsatilla is recommended to those who often express their anxiety through insecurity. They often need constant support and comforting by others, and they may be winy, childish and moody.

As for the dosage, it is best to consult the homeopath. And, in case if one remedy does not bring the expected improvement, another should be chosen.

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