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Fungal rash is a very common skin disease that causes burning and itching sensation. Often, the wet weather can be a cause of various diseases, like gastroenteritis, respiratory problems, many of the skin problems, viral fevers, etc. Big increases of percentage of viral fevers are reported during this season of wet weather, such as fungal rash, athletic foot or various fungal infections.

Because wet weather accommodates growth of all kind of micro organisms in the environment, it also heightens the number of cases of asthma and indigestion problems like vomiting and nausea.

In those circumstances, best thing for you is to try and use some of the homeopathic remedies for those problems, as well as for fungus. Homeopathy is alternative approach to regular medicine and medicaments, and it tries to treat the whole body and to finds the causes of disorders you have, not just to cure symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are safe, has no known side effects, and you can use them in accordance to advices from your homeopathic expert.

About dosage and a ways of use, it best for you to consult your homeopathic expert. Usually, approach is to start with chosen slowly, see how it works, and then, depending of the results, continue, or switch for another remedy.

Arsenic Album and Veratrum album are one of those mostly used homeopathic remedies, in cases of fungus, infection of digestive tract, gastroenteritis and other wet weather related problems.

Cases or problems with asthma also may appear, during those wet periods of weather. Rain and other factors aggravate asthma problems, and makes breathing very difficult. This is the result of many fungi and moulds that thrives in this damp weather conditions. Also increase in respiratory allergies in upper areas is recorded, too. Natrium Sulph is homeopathic remedy that is recommended in those cases, and can help you to dismiss and relieve your symptoms, almost to the full.

Viral fever or influenzas are also common disorders in those weather conditions. Influenzinum is well known homeopathic remedy for those problems. It provides you with effective cover from viral fevers. And also remedy called Rhus Tox in indicated in those cases.

Fungal skin infections are most common of all of these wet weather related disorders. Homeopathy can treat those disorders very efficiently. There are two most usual types of fungal infections; ring worm and an athletic foot.

Symptoms of athletic foot usually appear in front part of the feet, followed by redness of the area and itching, and it can affect anybody, not just athletes. It can be contagious, and it can spread from common use of personal belonging, like socks or towels. Graphite, or Sanicula if Graphite fails to have effect, is homeopathic remedy that is very efficient in those cases.

Ring worms are raised reddish and brown patches that can appear anywhere on the body. They usually have a small ring around these areas, thus the name. Sepia and Tellurium are homeopathic remedies that are very useful and effective in those cases.

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