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Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual problems are quite common, but the symptoms may be mild and transient or seriously torment a woman. Some women are lucky and have never experienced any problems, but others struggle to find the best way to deal with cramps, pain, mood swings, headaches and bloating.

There are also menstrual irregularities and severe cases of heavy flow (known as menorrhagia). Serious conditions should be reported and treated by medical experts, but milder problems could be resolved using homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Remedies

Many of homeopathic remedies might be used to treat menstrual problems. It is usually the best solution to consult the experienced and educated practitioner. Homeopath will diagnose the condition through the consultation. Many of the questions would be about your symptoms, but some will be about your personality, lifestyle and habits. Homeopathic system considers and treats each person individually, always striving to cure internal problems that actually caused the illness.

Belladonna is used for women suffering from sudden, extreme pain, which feels worse on the right side of the body. The pain subsides when lying down and worsen with any kind of motion, light or noise.

Bovista can be a suitable treatment for bloating feeling, fluid retention, and swelling of the limbs. Swelling of the hands may cause these women to drop thins frequently, and they complain about diarrhea just before the menstruation.

Calcarea carbonica patients experience headaches, weight gain, tender breasts and indigestion. Symptoms usually include tiredness and anxiety, and sweaty hands and feet. Those women often have sweets and eggs cravings.

Caulophyllum helps with irregular menstrual periods and sterility. Women experience heavy periods and pain in the bottom half of the body, and sometimes arthritis in the fingers.

Chamomilla is used in hypersensitive women, who can’t tolerate the pain. Lying down worsen the symptoms and motion and cold relieve the pain.

Cimicifuga is helpful to reduce the pain and cramps. It is used in patients suffering from headache, depression and agitation before their period.

Colocyntis patients feel better with warming and pressure, but the anger may worsen the symptoms.

Kreosotum remedy is used for irritation and swelling of the genitals. Patients complain about the headache and nausea.

Lac Caninum is the remedy for painful and swollen breast before the menstrual period.

Lachesis patient are irritated, depressed and suffer from headaches and severe cramps. Fresh air, cold and talking improves, and heat and sleep worsen the condition.

Lilium tigrinum is suitable for extremely irritated women during PMS. Any emotion or thrill could worsen the symptoms. Fresh air usually makes these women feel better.

Lycopodium remedy is used in abnormal appetite and cravings for sweets.

Magnesia phosphorica is the most common of all remedies for menstrual pains. Hot bath and pressure relieve the cramps, but lying on right side may worsen them.

Natrium muriaticum is used in menstrual migraines. Patients feel better when eating salty food and drink water, but the condition worsen when exposed to the sun.

Nux vomica is used in pushy and impatient women. They feel pain in their back and have persistent urge to stool.

Pulsatilla is the remedy for frequently delayed and suppressed menstrual periods, and patients are often moody and nauseous.

Sabina is used when patients experience cramps in lower back and pubis.

Secale patients have problems with black blood discharge between the periods.

Sepia is used for irritable women, often feeling neglected by their family members. Any exercise, and dancing in particular ease the symptoms.

Veratrum album is used in patients with menorrhagia and intense cramps, who often vomit and have diarrhea.

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