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Many women just go through themenstrual cycle without any problems, while others suffer from the soreness,headaches, retention of water, bloating, mood changes and many other problems.Cramping, many diverse discomforts and menorrhagia accompany irregularmenstrual cycles. There is a possibility that this problem will become chronic,and in this case, you will have to visit the doctor's office.


We will give you several remediesyou can use in order to ease the effects of these problems. The first remedy wewill mention is the calcarea carbonica. This remedy can help with the anxiety,fatigued and overwhelming menstrual cycles. Problems such as breast tenderness,retention of water, headaches and digestive upsets may be treated with thisremedy.

Boavista can also be used as a remedy for problems suchas retention of fluid, extremities puffiness, and a general feeling of bloating.Diarrhea and clumsiness require the use of this medication.

With the problemsof very painful periods, remedy called cimicifuga can help, and very acute painin the area of thighs and hips, neck stiffness and headaches can be treatedwith this remedy as well.

Caulopphyllum is another remedy that women can use in thetreatment of irregular period. Other problems that this remedy can help withinclude discharge, problems with becoming pregnant, slow childbirth because ofweak uterus muscles, but it can also help with the stiffness in the joints andpain in the thighs, pelvic area and legs.

Kerodotum can decrease the nausea, skin irritation due to the heavy flow and headaches.

Chamomilla is a remedy that angry, pain hypersensitive and irritable women canuse. Problems also include cramping, heavy flow and dark blood. Sepia isrecommended for sagging of the uterus and weak pelvic floor, while nux vomicais recommended for those who are pushy and impatient. Constipation and rectumand tailbone pain suggest the use of this remedy as well.

Lycopodium can beused by those who have a strong appetite, but it is also taken for abdominalbloating and for the periods which are prolonged. Lilium tigrinum isrecommended for those who get irritated very easily. It is taken when a womanhas a feeling her uterus is pushing out.

Lonely woman can use natriummuriaticum. It can be used for problems such as need to be alone, depression,migraines, excessive crying and strong thirst.

Veratrum album can help withperiods followed by cramps and heavy flow, icy coldness, exhaustion, diarrheaand vomiting. We have given you several remedies you can try. We recommend youuse one dose at a time, and see if the remedy has an effect on your menstrualproblems.

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