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Cystitis or inflammation of the urinary bladder, is usually caused by some kind of bacteria infection, and though it can affect both sexes and people of all ages, women are somewhat more prone to this condition than men. The most common symptoms are burning and piercing pain and a frequent urge to urinate. There are several types of cystitis and all of them are usually successfully treated with antibiotics. However, homeopathy is a branch of medicine which can also help with this condition. What’s more? It can probably help in a more natural way since the remedies which homeopathy offers are not based on chemical substances but on minerals and herbs. Their purpose is not only to relieve the pain, but to activate the body’s system to fight and heal itself.

There is a wide range of remedies for cystitis, but we will not mention all of them now.

Apis mellifica is suggested when the patient has a frequent urge to urinate, but only in small quantities. Open air and cold applications ease the stinging and burning pain, which are the main symptoms in most of the cases.

Berberis is helpful with cystitis followed by acute burning pain radiating outward and it is often intended for lethargic individuals. The physical symptoms tend to worsen when urinating.

Cantharis is recommended for those with the constant urge to urinate and those with a burning pain who may also feel as if the bladder has not been emptied during urination. Physical symptoms worsen with the use of cold drinks and coffee.

Causticum is usually given the patient has problems with urinating, or more precisely when he is unable to do that despite the strong urge. Introspective individuals often with irrational fears and need for compulsive behavior are the targeted consumers and their symptoms worsen in cold temperatures, and with the consummations of coffee.

Equisetum is helpful with cystitis followed by dull pain and an uncomfortable feeling of fullness of the bladder even after it has been emptied.

Lilium is used with people with piercing and burning pain during urination and after it. Hurried, regretful and impatient people are usually those this remedy is prescribed to, and warm surroundings usually tend to worsen their physical symptoms.

Nux vomica is the most appropriate choice for those with spasmodic pain in the bladder and an irritating urge to urinate. The physical symptoms tend to worsen when a person is mentally exhausted, or if spicy foods or coffee is consumed.

Whichever the remedies patients choses it with or without the help of a professional homeopath, they should pay special attention to the dosage.

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