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Painful menstruation is also called dysmenorrhea, and it affects lots of women. Cramps and pain may vary from mild to really severe. Women may also fell lower back pains, aching legs, digestive upsets, heavy feeling in the pelvis and abdomen region, weakness, depression, diarrhea, headaches, and emotional stress.

Homeopathic remedies may help in situations like this. They can sooth the cramps and pain, and they have no side effects. For recommendations of which homeopathic remedy to choose and dosage, you should consult your homeopathic expert. Here is a short list of those remedies you can use in order to relieve your symptoms.

Veratrum album

This homeopathic remedy is recommended for use in cases when menstrual periods with heavy flow and cramps, accompanied with feelings of chilliness and exhaustion, and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting.


Women who fee lot of discomfort and tension in a pre menstrual periods, and are relieved of those symptoms once the period begins, should use this remedy. Other symptoms may be flushes of heat, bearing down sensation in the pelvis area or headache.


Symptoms that indicate use of this homeopathic remedy are suppressed, late or painful menstruation accompanied with week feeling in the pelvis. Moisture or wet weather may worsen the symptoms, while exercise and warmth relieves it.

Lilium tigrinum

Cramping pain accompanied with pre menstrual irritability are indications for usage of this remedy. Persons who suffer from those symptoms may feel better from fresh air and when sitting with their legs crossed.


Faintness and nausea accompanied with suppressed or delayed menstrual period are indications for use of Pulsatilla. This homeopathic remedy is also very useful to use during hormonal changes, like with girls who just started to get their periods or women during menopause.

Magnesia phosphorica

This homeopathic remedy is recommended in cases of pain in the pelvic region or painful cramps. Pains and other symptoms get worse at night and with cold, and periods may also be starting too early.


Problems with edema and puffiness during menstrual periods are indicators for this remedy. Pain may be felt near the pubic bone and in the pelvic region. Diarrhea during menstrual periods is main symptom for usage of this remedy.


Sudden and intense symptoms together with feelings of heat are indications foe usage of this homeopathic remedy. Pain and cramps may get worse from bending over or walking. Eyes sensitive to light and restless feelings are also indications for use of Belladonna.

Other homeopathic remedy you can try are chamomile, cimicifuga, cocculus or nux vomica.

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