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A few words about the mosquito bites

The bites from the mosquitoes and the similar insects can be very annoying and could even ruin a wonderfully planned picnic or the whole summer. They are not at all dangerous and, in the most of the cases, cannot lead to the serious health problems, but the marks of the bites, which are manifested as the swollen, and red spots on the skin are visible right after the bite occurs.

However, the most troublesome and prominent problem of the mosquito bites is the itch, which could be lessened successfully by the use of the both, the conventional medical products, and the natural remedies based on the beneficial herbs. Of course, some of them can be used as the prevention from the bites, as well.

Why Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, as the branch of the alternative medicine is based on the naturally made remedies, and because of that, it is more and more popular nowadays. However, those remedies must be used carefully and under the control of the experienced homeopath, because they don’t have the same effect on everyone. Also, it is important to realize that the homeopathy means treating the symptom with the similar substance, so one shouldn’t use those remedies on her or his own, since sometimes some herbs can trigger an allergic reaction, which could even lead to the suffocation.

Anyway, the most popular and effective herb for the itch relief, as far as the homeopathy is concerned, is Apis mellifica, which would provoke even worsened itch in the first few moments after putting it on the affected place. For the same purpose, but if Apis herb doesn’t alleviate the itch, urtica urens should be used. And it is also very helpful in the cases of the autoimmune response to the bite.

Nevertheless, if the nearby nervous endings are affected too, the herb called Hypericum is the best solution. If through the bite some toxins or the nervous toxins are injected, Ledum is the recommended herb for treating these wounds which usually resemble bruised tissue. And, if the bite triggers more serious reactions, such as the discharge of the blood, it is better to apply the herbal remedy made of Lachesis onto the wound. However, in the cases of such bites, the first aid in the nearest ambulance should be provided.

If the bitten spot is accompanied by the blisters and the pain is unbearable, Formica rufa is the most effective homeopathic remedy. If the bitten individual also shows the asthmatic reaction, it is even better to apply the remedy based on the herb called Caladium Seguinum.

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