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There are a number of different factors that can lead to the onset of back pain, including injuries, overworking the back muscles, emotional and mental stress, menstrual tension, prostate conditions and posture-related problems.

Thankfully, homeopathy can offer both very safe and effective relief for back pain. However, if the problems are extreme, it is important to consult a doctor with experience dealing with spinal care.

Aesculus is used for healing pain in the lower back that hurts more when the person is getting up from a sitting position. It is especially good for people who also have a tendency toward venous congestion and hemorrhoids.

A remedy with a reputation for being good with injuries to the soft tissue and muscles is Arnica. It can be applied in gel or ointment form and will help to relieve such pain.

Bryonia is a remedy used for when the back pain tends to get worse even with the slightest amount of movement. This remedy can be helpful for backaches during illness, especially when even coughing can cause pain to the back.

Calcarea carbonica is used for both pain and muscle weakness, especially for overweight or obese people who get tired very easily.

Calcarea phosphorica is good for people experiencing stiffness and soreness of the spinal muscles and joints, especially in the neck and upper back. This is an excellent remedy for people whose backaches increase from drafts or cold air and people who also feel aches in their bones.

Severe aching and stiffness of the upper portion of the back can be treated with Cimicifuga, which also helps take care of back pain during menstrual periods that are accompanied by great amounts of cramping and soreness.

Dulcamara is used when pain is the result of cold and damp weather or when a person catches a cold or flu-like symptoms.

Rhus toxicodendron can be used for pain in the neck and shoulders and is usually used for pain that is evident upon initial movement but then gets better with constant motion.

When there is a very significant amount of stiffness in the muscles and joints of the back, especially after an injury such as a sprain or twisting of the back, Ruta graveolens can be used.

Sulphur is a remedy for people that have poor posture and often slouch while sitting and have a very weak back that hurts when standing for a prolonged period of time.

Even though the instructions for the proper use of all of these remedies is usually printed on the back of the packages they come in, it is always recommended to first consult with a doctor before beginning to take any kind of remedy, in order to find out what best suits the person’s situation and level of back problems.

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