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Dysmenorrhea is the medical term used for the painful periods in women. Problems during the menstruation can be numerous and various, which means that in some women heavy and excessive menstrual flow may occur; while others may have stoppage of menstrual flow. A large number of women have painful menstruation and menstrual cramps. Additional problems that may also occur are dizziness, vomiting, insomnia, fever and gaining weight.

When a woman suffers from dysmenorrhea, it is significant to raise the level of calcium in the blood by consuming the foods that are rich in calcium 10 days before the beginning of the period. The foods such as yogurt, sesame seeds, sesame butter, seaweeds,kale, spinach, comfy and raspberry are suggested to be included in the diet, because they contain calcium in large amounts.

Homeopathic remedy for dysmenorrhea

Several homeopathic remedies are confirmed to be very powerful in treating dysmenorrhea, and they are selected according to the symptoms that come with dysmenorrhea. Typically these homeopathic remedies are suggested to be used every half an hour.

Boa vista is the best remedy to treat edema and puffiness in the menstrual period. Pain in the pelvic region and menstrual flow that is increased at night, accompanied with diarrhea, requires the use of this homeopathic remedy.

Belladonna is a homeopathic remedy that is very powerful when a woman has the strong pain in the pelvic area like everything that is inside her would come out with the blood flow. Extra symptoms, such as headache, flushed face, fury, anger or delirium also necessitate the use of Belladonna, though the premature menstruation's that are excessive and heavy should be treated with this homeopathic remedy as well.

Phylum is used if a woman has weak uterine tone and irregular periods. Additional symptoms are stiffness or arthritis,especially in the finger-joints.

One more homeopathic remedy is Chamomile, which is suggested when a woman has extreme and painful menstruation and when the pain is like during a labor and expands to the thighs. In such cases, the blood is dark in color and marked with blood clots. Usually, a woman has the increased sex interest, but other symptoms that require the use of Chamomile are sudden chillness and hot perspiration, frequent mood changes and restlessness.

Civic is recommended when a woman experiences such strong pains that resemble eclectic shocks. These pains are usually accompanied with pains in the back, pains along the spine and muscle pains, while excessive menstrual flow is dark-colored and has unpleasant odor.

Other homeopathic remedies include Coccus, Glasnost Lachesis, as well as Ilium geranium, Magnesia phosphoric, Cosmic and Pulsating.

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