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Dry skin occurs as a consequence of the slow work of sebaceous glands that are located beneath the skin. Usually, dry skin appears on the cheeks, eye, chest, forearms, sides of abdomen and thighs. Although dry skin is problem of most people, in extreme cases can grow into a crack and damage the skin.

Dry skin is a result of various factors. Lower humidity, cold and sun exposure can have quite influence on skin dry. Using aggressive soaps and creams, as well as excessive use of makeup largely dries skin. Dry skin can be an indicator of a lack of vitamin A, B and E in the body. Skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis also cause dry skin.

Many foods in their original form, uses in home treatment of dry skin. The best way of hydrating the skin is to clean it with lukewarm water for 10 minutes. Almond, olive and grapeseed oil are helpful in treating dry skin on face and body. Face skin should be gently massaged every night before going to sleep with one of the above types of oils. Mixing one egg yolk, one teaspoon of orange juice, a few drops of rose water, one teaspoon of olive oil and a few drops of lime juice obtains a very effective product to treat dry skin. It should be applied in the morning before washing up, hold 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Also, ripe bananas can be blended and applied to the skin. Banana mush should be placed on the face for a while and then be rinsed with lukewarm water. If the person has chronically dry and chapped lips, a mixture of milk, rose water and lime juice can be prepared and used every night before bed, applying to the lips. Mixing a teaspoon of green clay and 1 teaspoon of raw honey obtained another effective home remedy for treating dry skin.

Half of avocado and a few drops of lime juice can make a very effective mask for the treatment of dry skin. This mask should be left on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then be rinsed first with warm water and then with cool water. There is another very useful mask for dry skin, which consists of completely different ingredients. It is necessary to mix 2-5 teaspoon of raw crushed peanuts with milk, adding a quarter teaspoon of honey. This mask should be applied to the face and let it dry. Then, it should be washed off with cold water.

In extreme cases of dry and chapped skin, the rubbing castor or avocado oil can be of a great help. Beautiful and healthy skin means a healthy lifestyle and diet. This includes increasing physical activity, increased food intake rich in vitamins A and B, introduction of fish (omega 3 fatty acids) in the diet and reducing consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

Among many benefits of Aloe Vera to human health, positive effect on the skin is one of them. Aloe Vera uses in the form of gel which applies to skin after bathing. Dry skin also can be treated by bath enrichment with a few drops of lavender or oat extract oil. It is recommended to use the milk bath at least once a month so that skin could be soft and hydrated.

There are certain experiences of people which have helped them in solving problems with dry skin. One of these experiences involves making preparation mixing unboiled milk and mustard. Another experience highlights the benefits of daily application the egg yolk for about 15 minutes.

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