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Although many people complain about oily skin on the face, it is even more bothersome to have dry facial skin. It might be very difficult to deal with it every day, because dry skin may start to itch or feel extremely tight. Some people may even experience redness of facial skin because of dry skin and feel ashamed to be among other people due to this condition.

Winter time is known to cause more problems to people with dry skin on the face, or it can also be something people have regardless the season or weather conditions. The most common cause of dry skin is lack of sebum secreted by the glands in the skin. Also, people who tend to drink inadequate amount of water, have irregular or improper eating habits (a diet low in raw fruits and vegetables) or eat more sweets can suffer from dry skin because of dehydration.

Eat Healthy to Help Dry Skin

Healthy habits are the best way to help your skin become moisturized and normal. To prevent dehydration always drink sufficient amount of water, which means at least 8 glasses per day. Plenty of water will help your skin and enable it to look younger and fresher. Make sure to eat plenty of food rich in vitamin E, such as nuts, tomatoes, avocado, turnip greens and wheat germ, in order to have healthier skin.

Healthy diet also comprises fruit juices. Drink enough of those, avoiding sweetened juices and your skin will have plenty of important minerals and nutrients and will not be so dry.

Another important thing is to remember that too much caffeine, as well as smoking and alcohol are known to be bad for the skin. Used in excess amounts, these substances work as diuretics, taking the necessary moisture from your body and your skin.

Some Remedies are Helpful

Use mild natural skin care products for dry skin and avoid hash soaps for your face. Hot water is also not good for dry skin, so wash your face just once before bedtime. One wash will remove all dirt and daily sweat from the face, but will not harm your facial skin. You may also want to massage the face with some almond or olive oils before sleep. These oils are well known to prevent dry skin if used regularly.

Exfoliation is great for dry skin, but do not overdo it, because once a week is perfectly fine. Also, always wear sunscreen and rich facial creams, to make your skin protected and moisturized.

Some people advise using Aloe vera gel (raw Aloe vera) for cleansing and moisturizing dry skin. Others claim that the best thing for this type of skin is a mask made of almond oil, curd, honey, olive oil and rose water. All ingredients should be mixed together and then applied on the face. Leave the mask to dry and then rinse it off your face with cold water.

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