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It is safe to say that the majority of people from all corners of the globe have experienced diarrhea. But for those of you that are new to the concept, here is a description. It is when you need to use the bathroom numerous times in succession of each other. Your stool will not look as it usually does but it will appear watery and loose. You may experience cramps in the stomach region, sickness, you may feel hot and have no desire what so ever to eat. Diarrhea can come in two forms, chronic and acute, which means short term and long term. Long term is usually when it persist for more than a fortnight.

Tips on How to Alleviate Diarrhea

Some people say that by mashing a ripened banana twice a day with a little pinch of salt coupled with half a tablespoon of tamarind pulp will cure the diarrhea. Others will swear by a strong coffee or a strong cup of tea. It is also recommended to soak overnight around one and a half tablespoons of the seeds from coriander in a cup of water around half full. In the morning stir it up and it will make a paste, mix it with some buttered milk and down the hatch. Another solution can be to use a pinch of cardamom powdered seeds and boil them in tea water and drink, you can add a touch of sugar to help with the taste if you like. An alternative to this drink would be to construct a paste from twenty soft curry leaves and combine with half a tablespoon of honey and drink the mixture.Problems with Diarrhea

Diarrhea can happen due to a number of reasons such as the flu, generally being ill, uncooked food, irritable bowel syndrome, stress and medications to name just a few. Diarrhea can be dangerous if you do not treat it soon enough. It can cause you to be dehydrated very quickly and this can lead to many serious problems. There are of course medications to stop diarrhea but it’s always advisable to try natural remedies as its better for your body.Steps to Stop Diarrhea

Firstly, avoid the foods that will make the condition worse for example, fatty foods, caffeine, fruit and sugar. Instead of this, try eating the food products that will harden up your stool, things like fiber, bran, brown rice, potatoes, whole grain breads and apples. Nutmeg and lime juice are also considered helpful.

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