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What are fissures?

Many people mix fissures for hemorrhoids, but there is a difference. While fissures are the ulcers or breaking areas of the skin, hemorrhoids are generally superficial. If you have had a tear in your mouth, you have experienced a very similar thing to fissures. The locations of the fissures are usually anal and oral, and they happen when mucous membrane connects with the skin.

Passing of the hard or large stool is the most common cause of the anal fissures. For those who had experience with fissures, discomfort is an understatement for the problems they had experienced, mostly when sitting. They are very discomforting since they can bleed and burn. Because of the food we eat today, larger and hard stools can easily happen and cause fissure problems. What you can do in this situation is to eat food high in fluid and fiber, since this will make the stool more soft and easy to pass. Drink plenty of water, 6 to 8 glasses during the day, and include as much fruits and vegetables as possible. Healing process cannot begin if you do not make the stool soft. You can also try petroleum solution, which should be inserted half an inch to the rectum. Additional damage will be prevented if you do this.

Serious cases

Sometimes the fissure will not heal and the visit to the doctor will be needed if it is not healed in four weeks. We advise you to keep the area in question dry and use baby powder after the shower or bowel movement. Be careful if you have fissures and diarrhea, since diarrhea can make the problem worse, due to the acid that it contains. Try not to touch the area, especially if you have nails. You can put some creams that have Hydrocortisone by a dip, and the use of vitamin cream can help with soothing the troubling area. Also, weight can sometimes be a problem, so try to lose some weight. Avoid hot, pickled, spicy or any kind of food which can irritate your stomach. Also, hot tub can be a good idea, since warm water can sooth the fissure. Special pillows may be acquired for the sitting problem. Wiping can be problematic as well, so try to wipe extremely gently and use toilet paper that is scent or perfume free. Do whatever you think is necessary to reduce the friction. You can try using a liquid toilet tissue. Some faucets can be bought which can help you, since they can divert water in the needed direction.

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