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This can be an uncomfortable and painful problem, so it is good to know the some remedies that can bring some relief from this problem, which can even lead to dehydration. Also, weakness and feeling of sickness accompany this problem.

If we want to be technical, we can say that vomiting is ingested liquid and food forcible ejection, which go from the stomach and exit through the mouth. Some of the problems that accompany vomiting are diarrhea and nausea, which are usually caused by a bacterial infection or some parasites. There are several causes of this problem, among which are caffeine overdose, overeating, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, motion sickness, flu, pregnancy, excess alcohol consumption and others. This unpleasant experience can attack people of every age group.


Next, we will focus on the remedies that can help you if you are having the problem in question. One of them is the tea made from crushed ginger and basil leaves. You can add honey in it and never take more than a half of the cup in one go. Drinking this tea can reduce the nausea. You can also add some drops of lemon juice in the tepid water and drink the juice. You can smell a lemon during the drive if you are having motion sickness problem. Gooseberry candies can also bring some relief if they are chewed on and they will also help with the motion sickness. Vomiting can be decreased if you eat orange sprinkle along with some black salt.

Next is the decoction of clove-cinnamon. In boiled water add two pinches of cinnamon and two cloves. Boiling coriander seeds can also prove to be good remedy for vomiting, so make sure to drink this solution once it is strained. You can also use the grinder coriander leaves if you do not have the seeds, but they also need to be strained. Mixing the cardamom and cumin powder with a teaspoon of honey is a remedy that can help with the vomiting, but drink this mixture slowly. You can also drink boiled milk along with cardamom and cumin powder. Adding half a teaspoon of ginger powder and one fourth of a cup of apple juice in the blender makes a good remedy and you can add ice cubes as well. You can also make a good popsicles for the children if you freeze this mix. Mix the mint and lemon juice in equal quantities with a touch of ginger juice and you have yourself a vomiting remedy. Peppermint extract can be a good remedy, too. Mixing the extract of peppermint and water can give you a popular remedy for children.

All of these remedies need to be consumed slowly, since if you do not do this, the remedies can have a counter effect. See a doctor if the problem persists.

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