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Whether your body looses water it will suffer with dehydration if it is not replenished immediately. The first sign of being dehydrated is thirst, and then the tongue will go dry and become whiter than usual. In later, long term more serious stages of dehydration the eyes will look sunken, the skin will be dry and wrinkly, and the cheeks will look unfilled as well as this the person will have a shortness of their breath. It is an extremely dangerous situation to be in and the unfortunate fact is, it is the number one reason for death in children.

Children with Dehydration

Children are more susceptible to general sickness that is floating around in school thus they will have diarrhea and sickness more often than adults. These two will cause dehydration very quickly. For very young children look out for crying with no tears, a darker color in their urine and a basic lethargy compared to their usual behavior. Their pulse rate may start to be quicker yet frailer and experiencing cramping of the muscles is a common sign to look out for.The Home Remedies for the Treatment of Dehydration

The most obvious tip is to drink water. However, it is important to steer clear of fruits except for apples and bananas. It is recommended to put half a tea spoon of pudin hara in a half full glass of water and consume. If you don’t fancy that then try putting half a tablespoon of juice from mint and a quarter table spoon of ginger juice, combine this with half a table spoon of honey and drink that. Some people will recommend to add a little salt to a grounded lemon and eat/drink half a table spoon every ten minutes six times. There are many other recommendations such as dry ginger or gnawing on the inner lining of the pomegranate fruit. Research has been done by some that say by mixing six chopped up basil leaves with a pinch of sea salt coupled with a little black pepper and five tea spoons of curd and consuming it three to four times a day over seven days will help with the dehydration symptoms.

Strategies to Avoid Dehydration

It is advisable not to drink alcohol and coffee when you are dehydrated and try to consume fruits and vegetables. Stay out of the heat if possible as this is a major cause of dehydration. Keep up eating foods with potassium like pineapples, coconut milk and lentils.

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