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There are medications approved by FDA that treat anxiety or depression. And these medications are the most common prescriptions class drugs in US and probably everywhere in the world. But anti depressants can not treat the origin of the mental condition of depression or anxiety. And that is the reason why many people look for alternative herbal medicines.

There are all sort of natural ways to deal with depression and anxiety. The natural ways are far less invasive and are basically called alternative treatments. If we want to describe depression, there are different ways to depict depression or anxiety. But the closest description for the mental state is extreme grief or sorrow. An ordinary depression fits to formulation of being desperate or being sad. But there is far more serious condition of depression and that is clinical depression.

Symptoms of a clinical depression are severe and seriously interposition to every day life. The pick of the condition lasts 2 weeks. All anxiety conditions are classified into a 2 basic forms, and those are panic disorders and chronic anxiety. Chronic anxiety follows with light physical symptoms. The condition follows with sudden panic attacks that manifests as a heart attack or or any other attack that may threat life. Sometimes patients who suffer this condition are having a hard time to take a deep breath or are lack of air.

Herbal Remedies & Alternative Meds & Essential Oils

It is important to consult physician if you decide to take any herbal medications. The list of available herbs: same capsule, kava capsule, adapton and garum capsule, St. Johns Worth capsule or tea and catnip tea. And there are Essential Oils that can have remedial properties situated in all corners of the house and here is the list: nutmeg, lemon, lavender, sandalwood and patchouli oil.

Nutrition Treatment for Depression

Insufficient amount of minerals and vitamins may cause anxiety/panic disorder and body gets to be imbalanced, which means that there nutrition values that need to be restored.

No caffeine, cola sodas, coffee or tea.No drugs, alcohol, cigarettes.No carbohydrates or refined sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no nutri-sweet or sugar in alcohol.Use Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules 400mg per one day.Also use vitamin C, calcium, B-complex vitamin supplements and magnesium.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Depression

There are specific mixtures and amounts of herbs and essential oils for every state. And here are some tips.

Fresh Rose petals with one cup of boiling water, add sugar and drink it while is hot. 1 lavender spoon into cup of boiling water; cool it and drink it 3 times in one day. 3-4 spoons of oatmeal with 1 rice or soy milk cup with almonds, honey, dried fruits and nuts; boil and stir on law temperature. apple with milk and honey Blanch 5-7 leaves of rosemary in boiling water with honey and drink hot.

Stress Alleviation for Depression

There are factors that actually can reduce stress and alleviation of stress may treat depression. The less stress methods are relaxation or meditation, different yoga practice, different exercises, daily rest in the dark room, eating pumpkin seeds, 5 bananas per day, nuts, cheese, and one spoon of apple cider vinegar in water. Also, warm avocado leaves on forehead and bath in warm water with plenty of salt in.

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