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Hiccups are a condition caused by an irritated diaphragm whose function it is to pull and push the air in and out of the lungs. Some severe cases of hiccups may last for weeks. Hiccups can be characterized by continuous hic-like sounds that come from the throat and contractions of diaphragm.

There are numerous different causes of hiccups but some of them may include sudden excitement, spicy foods, kidney problems, various types of infections, stomach disorders, laryngitis, eardrum irritation, bloating, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, eating fast, tumors, heartburn, surgeries, diabetes, and overeating.


There are numerous home remedies that can be used for the hiccups and the most common ones include holding the breath, applying a cold compress, sipping cold water quickly, drink soda quickly, gargling with water, eating peanut butter and eating sugar. Severe cases require immediate medical attention.

One of the most efficient home remedies is to hold one’s breath until the hiccups stop. Frequent ingestion of water may also be helpful in some cases. Peanut butter is also one of the most efficient home remedies when taken in moderate amounts. Another efficient home remedy is gargling with water. Sugar taken in moderate amounts can also provide a person with immediate relief. Another beneficial home remedy consists of yogurt mixed with a slight touch of salt.

Boiled fresh cardamom powder is also very efficient in stopping hiccups. Cotton swab can be used to tickle the throat in order to relieve the hiccups immediately. Ginger can also be of great help when it comes to the treatment of hiccups. Mustard seeds can be mixed in with pure ghee to make a very powerful solution for the hiccups problem.

Anise seeds can also be used in order to stop the frequent hiccups very effectively. Apple cider vinegar can be mixed in with water for another potent solution. Baking soda can be a very good solution as well once it gets mixed in with ammonia and peppermint water. Another home remedy consists of inhaling chamomile essential oil from a paper bag.

Camphor can also be dissolved in water in order to provide remarkable results. Ingesting honey in moderate amounts can also be very beneficial for the condition.

Lemon is a very powerful ingredient and it can be mixed with water, salt, angostura bitters or sugar to provide a very potent remedy. Other home remedies that can be used to treat the condition very efficiently include orange juice, pineapple juice, tartar and red pepper. Homeopathic medicine recommends using cuprum metallicum.

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