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If people choose to venture down the path of the conventional anti-inflammatory drug to help alleviate their inflammation problem then they need to be prepared for the side effects. The side effects are present in nine out of ten cases and they may include ulcers or cause a lower immune system. These side effects can be evaded through taking a homeopathic route instead of the conventional route.

How to Sooth Sprains and Strains

Most of the time, if you are choosing to take a homeopathic approach for a sprain or a strain then you will usually be offered Arnica coupled with some ice of course. If for some reason the Arnica does not take an effect on you then there are other approaches. There are many different homeopathic medicines offering the same cure and to start with it can be a hit and miss game of chance because everyone’s bodies are different and react to different remedies. Rhus tox remedy can be used if your injury has caused you to feel stiff in that area especially at the end of the day after overuse. This remedy is also a good solution for those of you that find it hard to relax your limbs when in a relaxed state or when you are trying to sleep. A remedy called Ruta is good for the same reason however it is also used for people who have stubborn injuries that keep coming back for example tennis elbow. If you find that the smallest movement causes you to experience a sharp pain then try a remedy called Bryonia. If you have a swelling that looks bruised and a mottled purple colour and also feels cold and numb to the touch then try a remedy called Ledum.

How to Alleviate Arthritis and Gout

The homeopathic remedy Bryonia is also a good suggestion for arthritic conditions that cause sharp pain from the slightest movement. If the pain you experience goes from one joint to another you should perhaps try Colchicum and if your joints are hot as well as swollen try Apis.

How to Alleviate Back Pain and Sciatica

The remedy Rhus tox is great for helping with back issues caused by lifting. If your back cramps in the mornings you can try Nux vomica and try Kalium carbonicum if the stitch pain awakes you in the night. Before trying any homeopathic approach you should always consult your doctor.

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