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Catarrh is inflammation of the mucus lining in the sinuses and the nose or nasal mucosa. Catarrh is often a symptom of infection or disease, and it is mucus discharge, which can be thin or thick depending on type of infection. In cases of chronic catarrh, the problem may be the allergy, and anyway, the best way to deal with catarrh is to find what cause it.

There are two types of catarrh problems; acute and seasonal inflammation and allergic one. Causes of catarrh can be allergy to pollen, dust or grass, or in cases when immune system is weakened, viral infections. Symptoms of catarrh often include green, yellow or white discharge.

Conventional medicaments in cases of catarrh are only for short term usage. So if you want to get rid of catarrh permanently, especially if children are involved, you should try the alternative treatments, like home, natural or homeopathic. Those alternative treatments can help you relieve the symptoms like swollen sinuses, or stuffy or runny nose.

Here are some of recommended homeopathic remedies for cases of catarrh;


Recommended homeopathic remedy in cases of catarrh that is caused by allergies like hay fever, with symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and watery discharge.

Allium Cepa

Symptoms that are indicators for usage of this homeopathic remedy are burning and itching in the nose, sneezing, watery discharge, etc.

Teucrium Marum Verum

This homeopathic remedy is one of most commonly used in cases of allergy problems caused by hay fever, usually in the spring time when the grass is high. Symptoms that indicate usage of this remedy are nasal polyps, loss of smell and chronic nasal catarrh discharge.

Arsenicum album

Symptoms that indicate the usage of this particular homeopathic remedy are chilliness and craving for heat, clear nasal discharge, watery eyes, sneezing and burning sensation in the nose.

Pulsatilla nigricans

In cases that needs this remedy, catarrh is in various intensity and frequency, and discharge is yellow, green or clear. Symptoms get worse in the night and in the evening.

Kalium iodatum

Red and irritated nose, sore throat, puffy eyes and thin discharge are the symptoms that indicate use of this homeopathic remedy. Kalium iodatum has proven to be very helpful in those cases, relieving the symptoms.

Kalium carbonicum

Excellent choice of remedy for cases of severe hey fevers. Discharge is yellow and thick, and symptoms are worsening in the night and mornings. Sore throat and sneezing are also among the symptoms.

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