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There are a number of constitutional homeopathic remedies that come in handy for relieving the painful conditions of rheumatoid arthritis.

Homeopathy is a method of treatment that gives support to the body\'s own healing mechanisms and these remedies come in the form of extremely pure and natural substances that are diluted many times before being given to patients.

Arnica is used for chronic conditions with added bruising and soreness.

Aurum metallicum is used for pains that usually get better when the person is active and worse before bedtime and which often include waking up because of the pain. It is useful for career-oriented, focused persons, but often triggers depression.

Bryonia is good for throbbing pains which only gradually get worse by motion, touching and bumping. Cold dry weather worsens the condition. Relief comes from pressure and complete stillness.

Calcarea carbonica works for relieving arthritis with node formations around the joints of the knees and hands. Light fatigue, weakness and chills experienced get worse as the weather gets colder and anxiety usually kicks in when a person is ill.

Causticum can be useful for persons with deformed joints, contractures and muscle weakness. Heat usually brings relief, and more often than not, the person feels best in rainy weather.

Calcarea fluorica can help for enlarged, deformed joints whose pains lessens with movement and heat.

Dulcamara is used during cold, damp weather that causes pain, stiffness and allergies, all due to the flaring up of the arthritis.

Kali bichromicum can be used for pains shifting back and forth with asthma or stomach complications. The condition gets worse in warm weather.

Kali carbonicum works usually for people of high moral code who feel anxiety in their stomachs. It responds well to early morning pains which usually just get worse from the cold and dampness.

Kalmia latiflor is used for intense pains starting in higher joints and then extending to the lower areas. Condition gets worse at night and from motion.

Ledum palustre is the total opposite. It is used for conditions starting in lower joints and then extending to the higher ones. Joints may produce cracking noises and the pain is usually relieved by applying something cold to the joints.

Pulsatilla is applicable when the pain changes constantly. Fresh air and cold applications usually help, while warmth just makes things worse. It is recommended for emotional people with teary moods.

Rhododendron is useful to decrease swelling before a storm until the weather clears up. Cold early mornings and long periods of stillness make the condition worse.

Rhus toxicodendron is applicable for situations when the condition is worse on first motion, but gets better by moving continuosly. Hot showers and warmth in general have a positive effect on stiffness and usually relieve the pain. Cold, wet mornings usually don’t make things better. Sometimes it is impossible to find a comfortable position, which forces the person to keep moving constantly until the pain is relieved.

Finally, ruta graveolens helps in cases of stiffness and lameness that come from repeated wear and tear and an overuse of the joints. Cold and damp weather worsens the condition.

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