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Pimples are also well-known under the names acne, blemishes and zits. They are usually very annoying and distressful for women, as well as for men. They cure very slowly and when one disappears, the other emerges on the same spot, which is why they are very nerve-racking. Pimples are most usual condition for teenagers while they are in puberty, although acne may appear at any age. Usually, pimples occur in the face, neck, shoulders chest and back, and they can appear in several forms, such as comedones, papule, pustules, nodules and cysts. They are usually caused by the excessive production of the sebum or oil, buildup of bacteria and irregular peeling of the dead cells that cause certain infections of the hair follicles.

Homeopathic remedies for pimples

Many dermatologists suggest homeopathic treatment of pimples, because there are several homeopathic remedies that are the most effective in healing pimples. Furthermore, with a proper homeopathic treatment the tendency to have pimples may be controlled. Also, it can reveal what hormonal imbalance causes the appearance of pimples. The homeopathic remedies for acne are also very helpful in decreasing the excessive oiliness of the skin, as well as in controlling infection and scar formation. The most frequently prescribed homeopathic remedy for pimples by qualified homeopaths are Antimonium tartaricum, Calcarea carbonica, Hepar sulphuris calcareum, Pulsatilla, Silicea, and Sulphur.

Antimonium tartaricum is a homeopathic remedy which is recommended for those people who have the problems with pimples that appear in the form of pustules, which are red and tender bumps with white pus at their tips. Usually bluish-red marks stay when they pass.

Another homeopathic remedy which is very effective for pimples is Calcarea carbonica, and it is used when a person with pimples is chilly, flabby or overweight, anxious or even when there is an urge to eat eggs or sweets. Hepar sulphuris calcareum is recommended when a person has the skin that is easily inflamed and when the process of pimple healing is very long. The pimples after a long time show the heads and their puss has offense smell.

Usually, the person is sensitive to cold. Pulsatilla is a homeopathic remedy that is most recommended for those people who develop pimples after eating a lot of rich and fatty foods. These acnes usually become worse when exposed to heat. Pulsatilla is usually required for those pimples that occur in puberty and before the menstruation periods. While Silicea is used for deep-seated acnes and swollen lymph nodes, Sulphur is recommended for those that cause itching, sore and inflammation. The skin is usually reddish and has a dirty appearance.

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