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The human body uses coughing to remove foreign objects from respiratory passages, irritating substances and excess secretions. Coughing has a protective role in the human body and people should not take medications to stop coughing. If a cough is too intense, painful and you can not rest because of it, some remedies can help you to recover. Many different diseases or conditions can cause coughing. You need to seek medical help if you cough up blood or if you are very sick.

There are remedies which can help you to recover from coughing such as phosphorus, chamomilla, bryonia, pulsatilla, ferrum phosphoricum, rumex crispus, sulphur, belladonna, aconitum napellus, hepar sulphuris calcareum, nux vomica, spongia tosta and ipecacuanha.

Phosphorus is a remedy used for tickling and hoarseness cough. Your throat hurts and cold goes to the chest. Phosphorus is also used for laryngitis and loss of voice.

Chamomilla is used for irritating and hard cough. This cough may start if you were on the wind or you were angry or too excited. Camommila also can help you in asthma attacks caused by anger.

Bryonia is used for very painful and dry cough when a cold goes to the chest. This cough can cause headaches or stomach-aches.

Pulsatilla can help you if you have dry cough in the evening and loose cough in the morning. Cough can be gagging and choke like and you may cough up a thick, yellow mass. This remedy is often given to children.

Ferrum phosphoricum is remedy good for colds, allergy attacks and many other inflammatory conditions. It is used for tickling and short cough. This cough can be painful.

Rumex crispus is used for hacking and teasing cough. This cough causes tickling in the pit of the throat. This cough is commonly dry and can cause sore chests.

Sulphur is used to heal irritating and burning cough. This cough becomes stronger at night and causes breathing problems while you sleep.

Belladonna is good for sudden cough. Commonly, you may feel tickling in your throat. This sudden cough is very nagging and intense. Sudden cough can upset your stomach and digestion.

Aconitum napellus is used for coughs which are sudden and cough is often. This cough is caused by trauma or if you were on the cold wind.

Hepar sulphuris calcareum is remedy used for loose, gagging and rattling cough. Usually for persons that cough up yellow mucus. Also, this remedy is good for dry and long coughs. This remedy you can use to help against croup bronchitis.

Nux vomica can help to treat teasing, hacking and dry cough. You may fell tight in your chest and also your chest can be sore.

Spongia tosta is used for dry, harsh and loud cough. It sounds like a dog`s barking. This remedy is also used for asthma and croup.

Ipecacuanha is used for very violent cough. You cough with every breath you take. Also, you feel tightness and a tickle in your chest and throat. This remedy is good for asthma attacks.

Homeopathic physicians advise you to take only one dose of these remedies and then you need to wait what effect the remedies have. If you respond well to a certain remedy, take second dose. Dosage of remedies depends on your condition. In some cases it is necessary to take several times an hour. Other cases require only one dose daily.If your condition is not improved by taking a certain remedy then you may need to switch it with another remedy.

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