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Asthma is a chronic disease that affects the lungs. Patients suffering from this illness have extremely sensitive airways that get easily inflamed and narrowed. Symptoms include chest tension, breathing problems and cough.

This condition might affect people of any age, but it usually starts in children. Genetic predisposition is quite common and people having asthma usually suffer from allergies.

Homeopathic Remedies for Asthma

Asthma should be treated with some proper medical care. Homeopathy may improve overall health condition of a patient and decrease asthma symptoms. Any breathing difficulties, paleness of the skin or blue lips should indicate the need for urgent medical assistance.

Arsenicum Album

Patients treated with arsenicum are usually anxious and tired. They experience wheezing sound and cough, and sometimes chest pain and heat in the head. These patients often feel very thirsty and chilly. Symptoms feel better when person is warm, while sitting or standing, and worsen with lying down, especially at night.

Carbo Vegetabilis

This remedy is recommended to be used in people suffering from asthma that experience weakness or fainting. Often, these people cough seriously and might even gag. Feet and hands of carbo vegetabilis patients are cold and they need fresh air. Indigestive problems are also frequent, and a person might feel better after burping up. Symptoms worsen when eating, talking or just lying and are especially hard in the evening. Sometimes, sitting may help these patients to feel better.


Asthma patients suffering from severe cough are likely to be treated with this remedy. Cough starts on the fresh air, or after some emotional response, such as anger or excitement. It could start in the evening and progress into the night. Both, children and adult suffering from this type of cough, feel intensively agitated and irritated.


This is the remedy for coughing that cause vomiting, chest tightness and suffocation feeling. These patients sweat and experience nausea often. Movement and warmth make the symptoms even worse.

Natrium sulphuricum

When people experience asthma if exposed to damp and mold, homeopaths recommend natrium sulphuricum. Patients experience weakness, and breathing gets harder in the morning and with some physical activity.

Nux vomica

Tensions in the chest and stomach pressure are treated with this remedy. People who need nux vomica are usually easily irritated. Patients feel worse when eating spicy food, use alcohol or sweets, and even if they exercise or engage in a mental activity. Sleeping in the warm makes symptoms bearable.


These patients cough, produce yellow mucus and experience choking. This remedy is used in children and in emotionally needy people. Warmth, overindulging in food in the evening worsens the cough. It gets better once the person takes some fresh air.

Spongia tosta

Hard, barking cough indicates the need for spongia tosta. Usually, symptoms are worst at sleep. Patients might feel better if sitting up, leaning forward or tilting back the head.

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