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Most of us have, at the some point oranother, due to our own clumsiness or mere accident, got bruised. Weall know these painful blue, yellow or green marks on our skin,residing at the exact place we banged or injured in some other way.Whenever our skin tissue and cells get damaged, they change color dueto some chemical processes. Depending on the depth and theseriousness of the injury, the color itself may vary. Our body iscapable of repairing these damages, but the process takes time andsome bruises may be with us for days, even weeks. Homeopathy has someways of helping you deal with bruises quicker and easier.

Homeopathic Remedies for Bruises

First of all, one should be carefulwhen applying the correct dosage. It depends mainly on the severityand the size of the bruise. Pay attention to this and get correctinformation about the right dosage in order to benefit from thesemedicines.

One of the best homeopathic remedieswhen it comes to treating bruises and all the negative effects thatcome with them is arnica. This plant, belonging to the sunflowerfamily, is excellent to be applied externally, directly on thebruise. It helps with eliminating the bruise itself, as well asreducing the levels of pain one might feel on the bruised spot. Also,arnica removes any symptoms of shock the injured person may have,caused by stress which the pain triggers. However, do not apply thisremedy on an open bruise where there has been a rupture of the skin.

An excellent alternative to arnica isbellis. Bellis, the name standing for several plants including daisy,acts as an extremely effective remedy for bruises. It works and helpsin all the situations arnica is know to be of assistance.Additionally, it heals bruises appearing post-operatively as well ashematoma if present. Bellis removes any movement difficulties causedby bruising and enables the injured person to function properlywhile, at the same time, removing the bruise itself.

In cases of serious, dark coloredbruises caused by bites or any serious damages to the skin, as wellas black eyes or puncture wounds, ledum is the homeopathic remedywhich helps greatly.

For treating nosebleeds, bruises causedby burns, or any bruising along the veins, hamamelis is the rightchoice. This remedy may be applied for many other bruise-causinginjuries since the range of its healing power goes much further.

For bruises appearing on the parts ofthe body close to the bones, or in cases of inflammation or anyinfections along the bruised spot, application of ruta is highlyrecommended.

To conclude, all these excellenthomeopathic remedies have many more healing features so one may onlybenefit more by using them for the above mentioned purposes.

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