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Bruises are very common so it can be a good idea to learn how to reduce them. Wewill focus on this issue in the following text. When the hematoma or contusions,which are names for bruises, are present, the blood vessels have broken and areleaking. They look a lot like purplish, bluish or reddish scars and sometimesthey are accompanied by pain and swelling. We will now talk about the mostcommon causes of bruising

Causes of Bruises

We can divide bruises into three groups:

bone bruise or periosteal, which produces the greatest pain,the intramuscular, which is located under themuscles, andsubcutaneous, which is located under the skin.

The most common causes of bruises are blows,injuries, accidents and falls. Sometimes the blood thinners like warfarin oraspirin can create bruises, too.

Reduction of Swelling and Bruising

There are measures that can be taken in order to achieve this. When thebruising is present, the movement of the affected area is impaired. Rememberthat medications for bruises on the face should not be applied near thenostrils, mouth and eye region. Avoid strong physical activity since it can aggravatethe condition. Also, using sharp objects on bruises is not advised. We willlist several remedies you can easily acquire and which can reduce the swellingand the bruising.The first one we will mention is ice. This is probably the easiest and the most effective remedy for bruising. Apply the ice pack on the affected location andwrap cloth over it. Apply the ice for 15 minutes every hour and it willreduce the bruise. Also, the swelling will be decreased as well.

Hot compressis used in the same way. Apply the heat on the affected location and it willreduce the pain and swelling. If the bruise is on the limbs, we recommendlifting the limb above the heart, while lying down. In this position, the bloodwill not be accumulated in the bruised tissue. Medications like acetaminophenare advised, while painkillers are not. They are not advised for a longer use.Arnica is used on swollen and dark bruising, but it needs to be applied every 3hours. If the itching or redness is present after the use of arnica, allergicreaction is evident. This remedy will reduce swelling, pain and coloration.Include vitamin K and C, because vitamin K is important for healing and blood clothing,while vitamin C can prevent bruising. Eat a lot of green vegetables and grapeseeds. In order to avoid them, warn your child of the potential injuries, useprotective pads, avoid falls, and wear safety belts.

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