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Skin rashes and allergies happen because of the substances in our environment called allergens. Those allergens can be in the water, our surroundings, home, or plants. One of the most common causes of skin rashes are poison oak and poison ivy.

Home remedies for poison Ivy Rushes

There is a plant that usually grows very near of the poison ivy and it is called jewel weed. Jewel weed is excellent natural remedy for poison ivy rushes. Also if you have been in the contact with poison ivy plant, never wash your hands in the warm water. This is because poison ivy plant gives off the oil which can be spread in warm water.

Aloe gel is very good soothing remedy for poison ivy rushes, and so is oatmeal, which can be applied directly to the skin. Also any kitchen products that disperse oil can help you to eliminate poison ivy oil from your skin. Apple cider vinegar and honey can also be used for relieving the rashes from poison ivy.

Homeopathic Remedy for Poison Ivy

Homeopathic remedies are very useful in cases of rashes and other contact dermatitis problems. Just be sure to consult your homeopathic expert before you start to use any of homeopathic remedies for instructions of dosage and ways of use.

Kali sulphuricum is recommended remedy often used on poison ivy rash that is full of yellow pus or yellow.

Sulphur is homeopathic remedy recommended for poison ivy cases when itchy, irritated and red burning rashes are aggravated by heat and washing. Eruptions may be scaly and dry, or infection-prone and moist. Urge to scratch seems irresistible but disrupts and irritates the skin.

Arsenicum album can be used in cases when the hands are swell, as well as the feet and the face and the rash of Arsenicum is rough and dry.

Bryonia is recommended for usage in case of bumpy, dry and hot rash which can be worse from heat and touch, although applying pressure or lying on the affected side often soothes the itching.

Apis can be used when a rash is very pink and swollen with burning or stinging pain or rash is the result of an allergic reaction.

Rhus Toxicodendron is used for cases of blistery rash that itches and burns intensely and is improved by applying heat.

Arnica is used for treatments of rash that has transparent vesicles, and the skin feels hot.

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