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Not very dangerous, but very unpleasant and annoying problem of the rectum and anus are the haemorrhoids. They are actually the abnormally swollen veins, which can rupture every moment and that are why the bleeding is often included as a symptom. They are the common consequence of the constipation, or, to be more precise, because of the muscles of the bowel and colon which doesn’t contract enough frequently, and the stool tends to accumulate and becomes too solid. And those solid faces make a lot of pressure on the veins, thus causing bleeding. When someone suffers from the haemorrhoids, a simple contraction of the bowel provokes the pain and the swelling of the anal area.

Why homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a type of medical practice that means ‘’treating with the same’’ and which hasn’t yet been acknowledged totally. It is actually the way of treating health problems by treating their symptoms, that is, the patient gets a minimum dose of a homeopathic remedy which would provoke the similar symptoms in healthy individuals. Because of that, it is never absolutely certain what effect those remedies may provoke. So, the smartest thing to do is to wait a while after the first intake to see what happens, in order to decide whether this treatment will or won’t be continued, and in what amounts the remedy should be taken.

Homeopathic remedies

There are a lot of them since this condition is specifically appropriate to be treated by the homeopathy. There is a variety of symptoms and different homeopathic remedies are recommended for every combination of the symptoms. But, the basic and the most common symptoms are the itchy anal region, pain, swelling, tenderness and cracks on the haemorrhoids.

For example, when the constipation is also involved (along with the basic symptoms), and thus, a sensation similar to having a ball in the abdomen is felt, the advised remedy is sulphur. But, if the blockage is somewhat more serious, nux vomica should be used.

However, if the pain is described as the stabbing cramps, and if it gets worsened when coughing, and when the faeces becomes normal, the best remedy of them all is ignatia. But, if the pain is rather described as soreness, and sometimes throbbing, this condition should be treated with the use of hamamelis, the mountain arnica or with horse chestnut.

The similar symptoms are treated with graphites, and they are better to be used if the ruptures on the haemorrhoids are also included and a sensation of having a sharp stone in the abdomen is felt. And, finally, if the formations are excessively swollen, aloe is recommended, and the best homeopathic remedy for the bleeding haemorrhoids is the calc fluor.

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