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Ligaments are fibrous and strong bands of tissues that connect bones to other part of the joints. In cases of ligaments injuries, so called round ligament pain is felt as either a sharp and brief pain or a long lasting dull ache in regions of lower abdomen or groins. In cases of milder lower backache make sure to sleep in the firmer bed and wear low heels shoes.

Strains and sprains are most common types injuries that occur and they range from back aching to twisting the ankle. Strain type of injuries damages tendons and muscles that connect the bone, and in those cases tendons are often stretch or torn. Sprain type of injuries affects ligaments only.

Causes of Strain and Sprain Injuries

Causes of strains or sprains may be accidents, falls, injuries that can occur while playing new or unfamiliar sport, over weight or obesity, lifting heavy objects, unaccustomed or sudden strain on muscle, joint or tendon, poor physical health or physical inactivity.

Symptoms of Strain and Sprain Injuries

In cases when one of those two types of injuries occurs, symptoms may be in cases of strain pain, followed by tenderness, swelling and stiffness, or sharp pain in the area of the injury. In cases of sprain injuries symptoms may be difficulty and stiffness when moving the injured joint, bruising and rapid swelling of the injured joint and sharp pain in the injured area.

When to Go To See a Doctor

In cases that stiffness, swelling or pain does not improve within three days. There are repeated sprain or strain injuries, there is a popping sensation when you try to move injured joint or when there is inability to move the injured joint, you should seek a medical attention; you may be even having a broken bone.

Doctor will conduct several tests when you come in order to determine exact nature of your injury, like MRI scan to find any possible ruptured tissues or X ray, to rule out or to determine any possible bone fractures.

Home and Homeopathic Remedies for Ligament Injuries

There are several things that you can do yourself in your home in order to relieve the symptoms of your ligament injury. Most of those injuries will heal in a period of 2-3 weeks. First thing is to rest the injured area to avoid any further injury, than you can apply ice pack to relieve the pain and to reduce inflammation and swelling. If necessary, use elastic bandage to compress the injured area and to prevent swelling.

You can also try to lift the injured part of your body above your heart in order to improve drainage and to reduce the pain. After 48 hours of injury, you can use hot packs to improve circulation on injured area.

Homeopathic remedies can also help you in cases of ligament injuries. Remedies like Kali carbonicum, Belladonna, Bellis perennis, or Sepia are very effective. For instructions of use and dosage, consult your doctor.

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