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Injury to the bone is usually very painful one, so it is very important for your doctor to address it properly; it must be properly set and asses. Because this are painful injuries, and take a long time to heal, you must apply every alternative mean available to heal it as soon as possible. One of that is Homeopathy, or Homeopathic remedies. It treats wide range of disorders and diseases, and unlike regular medicament, it takes a different approach on how to treat the patient, completely, both mentally and physically. In cases of bone fractures it can ease the swelling and pain, and speed up the recovery process.

There are various homeopathic remedies you can use, both home or at a doctor, but use must choose the one that best suits your type of injury. About dosage and frequency of use, best consult with your doctor. Usual principle is to start slowly and see how it works, and than go for there. Depending of remedy you choose, you can apply it either daily or several times a day, or even hour. If you do not see improvement after reasonable period of time, use different remedy, and the again wait for the results.

Here is a list of homeopathic remedies recommended for bone injuries or fractures;

HypericumRemedy is best recommended for injured areas with lot of nerves around, such as toes and fingertips. It is known for pain relief properties.

BryoniaIt helps in cases when person can not be moved or even touched, due to a high level of pain. It relives it efficiently.

Ruta graveolensThis remedy is best use for pain treatment in cases extreme pain of bruised bone, or injury of peristoleum (which is bone cover). Both of these injuries occur in the case of bone fracture. Ruta also helps if you still feel the pain after Arnica treatment.

ArnicaIt is best used for new injuries, to diminish swelling and pain. It should be applied as soon as possible after accident occurs, because beside pain management, it calms the person down – bone fractures are traumatic and shocking to person as pain is. After the first few days, it may be followed by another homeopathic remedy, to continue the healing process.

Eupatorium perfoliatumThis homeopathic remedy is best known for its treatment of cold, fever, extreme pain in the bones and flu, but in this case it is recommended for strong and aching pain, in case when the bone is actually broken.

Calcarea phosphoricaIt is best to use this remedy in cases when recovery process takes a long time. It is best suited for cases when area around injury feels cold and numb, or in cases of soreness of joints and bones. It relives pain and speed up process of recovery.

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