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Varicose veins are quite unsightly and cause embarrassment for their hosts. Most people who don’t have them often think they do not cause any issues other than soreness on the eyes, however this is not true as they can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. They occur when the valves inside certain veins get broken. Varicose veins can also happen when blood returning through vein is coming from a particular area that is congested making the vein enlarge and become swollen. In this case, the host may experience an itching sensation, cramping and tenderness around a particular vein.Where are Varicose Veins

Most of the time you can find varicose veins in the persons legs but they are not limited solely to the leg area. Some pregnant women may notice varicose veins appear in their vulva and also hemorrhoids are also closed as varicose veins. There are a good handful of homeopathic options to help elevate varicose veins, although it is important to consult your doctor prior to taking any due to reasons of side effects and allergies.

Arnica Montana and Calcarea Carbonica

If your legs have bruises and the varicose veins are rather sore to touch then try Arnica Montana. This will help with the soreness, which will usually actually get worse when you walk. However if the varicose veins cause you pain whilst in the standing position then you may want to opt for taking the homeopathic remedy calcarea carbonica. This is recommended for those of you who have suffered with poor circulation and/or sweaty palms of hands and feet soles. A great indication that calcarea carbonica is right for you is if you are the sort of person that gets rather anxious when you are overworked and if your muscles are generally somewhat weak.Carbo Vegetabilis and Hamamelis

If you have that marbled look on your skin and also feel quite icy chills in your extremities then perhaps try Carbo vegetabilis. This will suit you if you tend to feel quite itchy on your legs which feel heavy as well. If you always feel you need fresh air then that could also be an indication of needing Carbo vegetabilis. Hamamelis is great if your varicose veins are very big and get damaged quite effortlessly. The people who will need this homeopathic option will often feel like their leg muscles are tired and cold and they may also notice varicose veins in the area of their genitals.

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