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Hair Loss and Different Treatments

Every woman thinks of hair loss as the worst nightmare. Hairloss can be triggered by oversensitivity of the hair follicles to certainhormones in the scalp and that medical condition is referred to as androgeneticalopecia. The same hormones which cause the problems can also be affiliatedwith male baldness.

The condition needs to be treated with antiandrogens andDHT blockers. Temporary hair loss triggered by stress or traumatic conditionsis medically referred to as telogen effluvium. It can also be caused by thyroidimbalances, hormonal changes, inflammatory bowel disease, alcoholism, chronicnutritional deprivation, lymphoproliferative disorders, crash dieting,syphilis, systemic illness, hepatic diseases, Crohn’s disease, iron deficiencyor zinc deficiency.

Both different types of hair loss can be treated by usingvarious different types of hair growth stimulants which often come in the formof sprays or foams. There are also natural ways for treating hair loss and someof the most popular products is called Provillus. It is loaded with certaintypes of vitamins and essential minerals such as vitamin B6, para-aminobenzoicacid, biotin, horsetail and magnesium.

Vitamin B6 prevents hair loss and booststhe immune system, among many other things which are of great benefit for thehuman body. Biotin is in charge of keeping the hair, nails and skin shiny andhealthy.

Horsetail is very efficient inimproving the blood circulation and rejuvenating the connective tissues in thehuman body. Para-aminobenzoic acid is in charge of supporting the production offolic acid. Hair loss can be prevented by ingesting certain types of food suchas poultry, meat and eggs.

Natural Ways to StopHair Loss

It is a good idea to avoid excessive amounts of vitamin Abecause it may lead to falling out of the hair. Exercising and physicalactivities can be helpful because they are efficient in reducing stress and anxiety.Imbalanced hormones and damaging chemicals can also be held responsible forhair loss. Certain types of hair styles which put a lot of pressure on thescalp and the hair should not be worn for prolonged periods of time becausethey also may lead to hair loss. Proper hair hygiene is a vital part in theprevention of hair loss.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Coconut oil, almond oil and castor oil can be appliedtopically on the scalp. Other home remedies for hair loss include fenugreekseed paste, egg yolk, honey, olive oil, glycerine and vinegar.

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