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Baldness is very much present among older people, but nowadays, it is almost equally present among the younger population. It isn't so easy to cope with hair loss, and therefore people try to find some ways to stop the hair loss and prevent baldness. Thick hair is a sign of beauty and everyone experiences hair as a part of his or her body and personality. In most cases, when people begin to lose their hair, they also start to lose their confidence and faith in themselves. There is a vast number of different medicines that treat hair loss, but due to certain side effects, people much rather turn to natural remedies that can be made at home. Homeopathy is another method of baldness treatment that has been proved to be very efficient.

Causes for baldness and treatment

Unhealthy lifestyle and bad diet are the main causes for baldness, but apart from them, age, stress, genetic heritage, dandruff, fungal infection, and lack of blood circulation in the scalp can contribute to hair loss. As we have said earlier, homeopathy is good for hair loss treatment. One can treat baldness without the help of a doctor. Even though homeopathy is slow in progress, the results are great, which means that you only need to be persistent. Oils from say, jojoba, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and grapefruit also benefit your hair and due to these oils, baldness is prevented. Orient has given us acupressure and acupuncture and we try to use the best out of them. Thanks to harmony of yan and yin, hair loss can be prevented in some cases. Methods of hydrotherapy and exercise are two other alternatives for classic medicine. In the case of hydrotherapy, dirt is removed out of hair follicles and scalp circulation is improved.

Home remedies

There is a variety of spices and vegetables that are used in the purpose of preventing hair to fall down and to promote its growth. Some of the most frequently used home remedies include paste made of green seeds of black pepper and lime. This paste has to be applied on the head in a form of a patch. Onions are used in a great number of treatments, as well as in the treatment of baldness. They are supposed to be rubbed on the bald areas until they turn red and after that, honey is to be put on that area. Indian Gooseberry shampoo is also very good in baldness treatment. It is made out of lime juice and fresh Indian Gooseberry juice. Mixture of coconut oil and lime juice or water also promotes hair growth. These home remedies are useful only in conditions that are not developed because of some genetic factor, because in that case, one can prolong its hair with healthy diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle.

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