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Dandruff is probably the most common hair-related problem, although, in all fairness, it is more of a skin problem. There are shampoos and other hair products that aim to solve the problem with dandruff, but most of them have only a short, temporary effect and some even aggravate the problem. Home remedies for dandruff have been proven much more effective and safe.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff can affect anyone, from children to elderly, and it is seen in people of both sexes. It is characterized by shiny white or silvery flakes that separate from the skin of the scalp and scatter on the hair. It is particularly visible on darker hair.

The first sign of dandruff is itchy scalp. Scratching loosens the flakes and scatters them on the hair and shoulders. The flakes are in fact dead skin cells that are produced in large amounts due to different factors. One cause for this can be harsh weather or sudden climate changes. Heavy production of sebum, which is a protective oil that coats each hair, presence of certain microorganisms, especially yeast, and even excessive sweating are among the common causes of this problem.

Harsh chemicals, hair dye, heavily scented shampoos and conditioners, as well as thermal hair treatment can all contribute to large amounts of dandruff in the hair.

Home solutions against dandruff

Here are many great dandruff remedies that can be found in kitchen cabinet or purchased in a regular grocery store. One of the best and most popular remedies for dandruff is fenugreek seeds. A handful of these seeds should be soaked overnight and then ground into a thick paste. The paste should be applied generously to the scalp and left for 30-40 minutes, before rinsing with soap nut solution or shikakai.

Lime juice also works great against dandruff. It can be added to the water used for the last rinsing after shampooing the hair.

Gram powder mixed with a cup of curd makes a paste that is widely used in India to cure dandruff. The only problem is, it needs to be rinsed thoroughly, otherwise it will produce an unpleasant smell.

Beets can also be used against dandruff, especially white beets. The top and the root of this vegetable should be boiled and then used for massaging the scalp every night.

Another important remedy in home treatment of dandruff is the nutrition. It is recommended to increase the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables, but it is best to avoid citrus fruits, bananas and canned fruit. Tea, coffee and processed foods should also be avoided.

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